BL3: Anyone else notice that Zer0 isn't Zer0?

So hear me out, I was a Zer0 main before Krieg came out in BL2.

I just did the quests in the meridian metroplex on promethia where you meet up with Zero and I noticed a few things.

A: he has 5 digits on each hand rather then 4 like in BL2.

B: he doesn’t speak soley in haikus or correctly formatted haikus

C: his emotes on his helmet are far more upbeat and happy then he used to be.

D: His armor is white in places rather then all black.

And E: Finally the zero at the end of his name doesn’t have a line through it the way it was in BL2 and it almost looks like a capitol O rather then a proper zero with a line through the middle.

I am NOT convinced that that is actually Zero.


Edit: At the end of the quest line before you head to the new area my brother saw a Zero with 4 fingers so maybe there’s two? We also have a theory that he might be an Eridian? The mystery continues.


I was kind of just wondering why he was working with Rhys. I always got the impression he liked Fiona more when he said he wanted to vault hunt with her.

Unless that’s revealed in the story… I just finished the first little bit of Promethea.


Rhys was the one who was always fanboying over Zer0. My guess is as soon as he got some funding for Atlas his first order of business was to offer a Zer0 a very lucrative contract.


Knew about his 4 digits but I didn’t take the time to check it in BL3. I think it’s possible being a modeling oversight.
It’s disappointing we ain’t getting more information about him in this game although we did get some vague hints about his true identity. He did mention a “she” when Katagawa copied his suit. Maybe there is an unseen link between Katagawa family and him.


Played on XB1 the other night and he very definitely had four digits. His name was also spelled correctly on his intro card (Zer0). The only thing missing was the Haiku, although he was as cryptic as ever.


He definitely has 4 fingers on each hand in his intro cutscene, so I really have no idea what you’re talking about there. Can you provide a screencap from any moment in the game that shows 5 fingers on his hands?

We already had this discussion here in the forums back in may when the first footage of Zer0 was revealed: What the hell happened to Zer0?.

It seems about 99% of his lines are still in haiku form. The only ones that aren’t are single words or short sentences. Same as it was in BL2, actually. He didn’t speak solely in haiku in BL2 either.

Zer0 was all smiley faces, LOLs and <3s back in BL2, both in game and in promotional material. Also, the first two emotes we see on his helmet in BL3 are actually “WTF” and “GTFO”. Hardly what I’d call happy and upbeat. You’re kinda stretching your argument on that one. Zer0’s personality seems to be pretty much the same to me.

Dude just changed his suit, nothing more to it. Nearly ten years have passed since BL2. All of the returning characters have new looks. This really doesn’t mean much.

Like VaultHunter101 said above, his name card on his intro cutscene shows the usual strikethrough zero at the end of his name. I’d say you don’t see that on all of the game text simply because of the font choice they decided to go with.

Honestly, I think your impression that something is “off” about him is coming from just not being used to interacting with him as an NPC. As an NPC and quest giver, he has to have more lines and they have to be much more varied and specific than in BL2, simply because now he has to communicate exposition and clear directions. Now you’re having a dialogue with him instead of being him, so his personality is just going to be that much more noticeable (and you’ll see those emotes more often). That’s why you think he’s happier and more upbeat or that his speech pattern is different. The character really hasn’t changed much at all, it’s the dynamics of your interaction with him that have. That’s all there is to it, really.


Dude zeros literally has a phrase right after you kill katagowa in the fake zero suit where if you dont walk away from Rhys and zero you can listen to zero say why do people always get on my about my hands you dont need a pinkie although I had to sit there for a bit to hear it


i think he had a different writer this time around? and his different look is because they redesigned every character.

His entire suit is different, not just the black-to-white change. And he does in fact only have 4 digits.


I’m more interested in the line he says in atlas hq after the making fun of his fingers where he says “how did katagawa copy my suit, did she, no she couldn’t have”

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Maybe referring to Edna Mode who - as we all know - makes the best superhero outfits.

Or, more in line with the game - there is the reference to someone who appears to be a counter-part to Zer0 in his “took care of the assassin for you” echo in the Wam Bam Island DLC. Still some mystery to unwrap there!

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I think it’s a reference to Tannis. She apparently knows Zer0s real identity and she had the scientific know-how.