BL3 at Half Price on Steam.....anybody jumping from Epic?

I am seriously considering this.

I realize that they are instituting cross play capability and I also have had virtually zero problems with epic.

But communicating with people on epic is in the stone ages. Very hard to consistently talk with friends or line up co-op play in that platform.

So I am strongly considering moving over to a new version of the game in steam.

Correct me if I’m wrong but all I would need to do is
Download the game and install it in Steam, and then take my saved game from Documents >>>>My Games>>>>>Borderlands 3>>>>Saved>>>>Save Games and copy all the individual .sav and profile.sav over to the new Steam created Saved Games folder.



Oh, I’m uninstalling the Epic version as soon as I get the Steam version installed.


I was thinking you need to 1. Backup the epic Save Game
2. Uninstall epic version
3 THEN install Steam version

What I am afraid of is without the uninstall first…the actual saved game stuff in the My documentas folder will get confused as there would potentially be TWO Borderlands 3 folders in My Games

I installed Steam version, booted the Steam version up, then shut it off to copy the Epic saves and profile over. Other than needing to separately download the golden gun skins as a DLC since that is a thing, worked fine.


You can have both installed at once (unless HD space is an issue.) I installed the Steam version and still have the Epic one installed (for now).

Under My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/SaveGames you’ll see the mishmash-character folder for the Epic saved games, and a new one for Steam (after you’ve run the game once and quit.) Definitely back up all those sav files (including profile) in a separate folder before you move things around in case something goes south.



How do you tell the two saved game folders apart…(2) after the name…something like that??

They’re both under SaveGames. The Epic one is a long alphanumeric folder name and the Steam one is just numbers and shorter (at least in my case).

One thing to keep in mind, and Gearbox has mentioned this in their announcements, is that you probably won’t unlock any Steam achievements (if you care about them that is) for characters you transferred over, if those characters have already “completed” the necessary requirements for the achievements in question. But I took this as an opportunity to start a fresh play heh. :slight_smile:


Great info…thanks!

If Epic had ANY kind of decent communications capability…I’d probably not spend the money…but I have a TON of friends on Steam that is so easy to communicate with. Epic’s whisper chat thingy is a joke.

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Yeah I have nothing against Epic either, it’s just that Steam is a feature-rich, mature bit of software. To be fair it’s been around much much longer than Epic’s of course, and it had its fair share of bumpy roads and hot messes early on.

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If I were still gaming on PC, given the awful experience I had with Steam, Epic would have had to kill my non-existent pets or something to get me to consider buying the game a second time at any price just to switch to a platform I loathe.

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Yes I have made the switch to Steam. Also my menus work again at the vendors, which is nice.

Steam can be a PITA…no question…

And honestly, Epic has been…fine.

But their communication tools are just…stone age.

BL3 is pretty much the only vid game I am playing now and I just want the best experience I can have for this form of entertainment.

I’m retired and have the time and the cost for me to do this is less than one lunch out at a cafe with my wife.

But I know others are not in my situation.


Anybody know if the in game Shift stuff will have an instant coms capability which would register on the screen while playing.

Kinda like the Steam stuff does…???

Would be nice to click on a friends name and send them a message from the BL3 in game Friends list

I hope you get it figured out. Looks like some great info below. I also hope after all this is said and done that NO other game manufacturer/dev does this kind of thing EVER again in the future. To hold half the player population hostage simply because of unmitigated greed is not right. Whoever made the call, or if it was a combo of both GB and 2K, I hope they realize this.

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I’m 61 and also retired and had to stop and think for a good 30 seconds what PITA was, then I got it, hahahahahaha!!! Nice one!!

It’s undoubtedly improved now. Back when I used it, the launcher detected as malware. It’s been awhile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…You are in timeout Troop! Sacked me for buying on Epic and now I see this?

btw, bought my kids each a Steam copy of the best version.
We easily got the Shift thing working, good thing too because the Epic thing is garbage.
Honorable Salute

Epic’s giveaways have been very nice and while that doesn’t forgive the multitude of short comings of the platform, it was a worthwhile enough proposition to get me to jump and I’m glad I did. No regrets and a library with over 60 games now. Only 2 of which I paid for. Will be getting the game on Steam as well, mostly as an excuse to play another 400-500 hrs and get all the achievements.

For me Epic’s biggest sin is after all these years and still no way to backup installs OR exit the launcher mid download and be able to resume it upon relaunching. Absolute rubbish that the platform does not have those features yet.

Hey now! The only reason I even installed Epic was because I got a free key. :dukejk:

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