BL3 bank: bugged or insidious, secret OCD experiment?

I visit the bank. I see the “!” icon on EVERY item. They aren’t new. It’s the same items as last time. But there it is. A flashing icon that begs to be removed. It must…be…removed. Frantically waving the mouse cursor across the screen to eliminate the offending, flashing icon. Oh wait…there is more…and more…and more. They must be removed. I know they will return. My fight is futile. Some might say insane.

They say that doing the same thing OVER and OVER again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity but what is it when you do it OVER and OVER again knowing the result will be the same? So it begs the question…is this bank bugged or is this all just a secret OCD experiment to see how obedient we are to our impulses? What will they do with this data? Is the harvesting of this OCD behavior the real reason the bank performs so poorly? What will they do with this data?Somehow monetize it with a MTX later on? They are watching…

Have I uncovered the conspiracy about their secret, insidious OCD experiment to sap us of all our bodily fluids and money via MTX? Or maybe just really bad at making a bank interface…you decide.


It is a reflection of your own OCD tendencies and nothing more. You feel the need to make those “!” go away. Not the game compelling or forcing you to. Let me ask you a question: Could you ignore the “!” or do just have to do it everytime you see it?

I really didn’t think I would need to explain that this post was made in jest. smh. :man_shrugging:


First time on the Internet?

On Criminal Minds they would probably say something like: the Unsub can’t help themself - they must perform the ritual; they may not even realize that they’re doing it.

I hate those little circled !s… both there and arbitrarily among the Fast Travel map selections.


There watching you man!!! There watching us all!!!

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I don’t do it each and every time…
Rally anoying. Not only it trigger OCD but it’s distracting when you’re trying to figure what’s what.
Those on the maps are probably even worse as I always think I forgot to do something.

They are annoying and I wipe them in the vault when dropping off loot as it makes it easier to see where the new stuff has gone.

Pretty sure they should not be there unless something new is added so - Bug.