Bl3 bloody harvest loot ghosts

I have killed Cap. Hunt 10 times already & I only got 4 loot ghosts , where are they at.

Any map I need to be on?

Loot Ghost just spawn randomly. I guess they are similar fashion to loot tinks.

Seems pretty random though in my experience (might just be coincidence tho) the Ratches in the Heck Hole feel like they’ve got a higher chance of spawning with a Loot Ghost.

keep in mind that last year they did an event that made ghost appear more

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If you have the handsome jackpot dlc, the scraptraps work pretty well. Got 15 or so done in about an hour.


Well I got all 20 just now so TY all!

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I got two loot ghosts in the Bath House in DLC3, just running the story. Unfortunately, one of them decided to go through the nearest wall and I couldn’t get at it in time. It’s just random, but there may be a higher chance for them to spawn from higher tier enemies, so you might want to go to places that have a lot of the beefier CoV/Maliwan types.

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I eventually finished the Loot Ghost challenge (it was all I had left to do) and I found that farming Athenas and Maliwan Takedown worked quite well.

It was still an absolute slog though!

It’s hit or miss. One character I hardly saw any, had to farm the scrap traps to get most of them. Messed around with a new mule character I hadn’t played with at all and saw several in a row right off the bat. Go figure.

I went to the Voracious Canopy and got all 25 ghosts needed before even reaching the broken down ship. Not sure why but it seems almost every dinasour there is haunted.

Speaking of this map, inside the ship there’s an area where dinos start raining down the waterfall-ish spot that’s a good loot ghost farming location, if you get tired of the scraptrap nest (probably would suck for consoles though because you’ll need to save/quit to farm it and you know, loadscreens.)

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