BL3 Bloody Harvest Timed event ?!?!

Am I the only one that is very upset that this years bloody harvest event is only a temporary thing. I watched “The Borderlands Show” and heard that the bloody harvest event was only a limited time event and was immediately put off. Why can’t it just be here to stay? I loved the previous holiday events in BL2 and played them consistently throughout the years and seasons. This does not seem right at all, and I feel that Gearbox is doing their fans a disservice in going with this kind of DLC model. I also took into consideration that maybe they would do something different for the following years but couldn’t they just add a quest selector to whoever is going to be the front man for these seasonal events? Please Gearbox if you read this can I get a sound reasoning as to why you are doing this ? Thank you very much for your time and have a wonderful day.


They did this in tps, this isn’t a head hunter pack.


Consumer engagement.
Anyways, it’s not really like the Headhunter packs. Just some sort of scavenger hunt-ish thing that leads to a new quest. It’s also free.

To let people buy the game in first 3 months after release.
Before price drop.

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its not a dlc though. its a event.

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It’s not DLC, it’s a free add on that’s only available during Halloween.
How much you want to bet it’s gonna be held on Eden 6?

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There have been a lot of (EDIT: ok, a few) timed holiday / seasonal events over the Borderlands years.

At least for 2 and TPS.

They are not the same as the randomly holiday themed headhunter packs (which I really hope they put out some of for 3, interspersed, of course, with huge, anazing, long, fun full DLCs).

I only hope thar it comes back every halloween tho

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Because Tps was so well received /s

I too, wasn’t pleased about this news. People holding out, waiting for it to come out on Steam, are going to miss this event. I feel like they’re leaving out the whole Steam community.

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I must of missed the TPS events although the game was fun it was hardly a competitor for BL2. I still feel that it is a disservice to people that love the game series to add something in only to take it right back out a few weeks later. I understand this is not a headhunter pack that we are “technically” not buying, but wouldn’t it be just as easy to leave the content in the game than to add then take out. I would also like to thank you Derch for your quick reply and all the content you have created for us thus far, and look forward to more in BL3 I hope you have a great day and many many perfect stat loot drops.

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It’s free

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They did this around many holidays where for Halloween and tps some enemies would get a reskin and a boss as well, then there was a drop. I think it was a torgue pumpkin launcher. Jack o cannon I think. It wasn’t very good but it was a fun little event.

Seems they are making it a bit more this time.

Oh Yeah I remember the cannon I got that during the event now that I have a memory keystone to hold on too. I think my son was able to get it as well through a shift code. Thank you again very much Derch and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

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Has anyone heard about when it will drop I am still waiting and can’t find any info on the event yet

Yes it should be persistent. What is the point of making it time limited? I came to B2 years later and loved the Halloween event. Make it a part of the game.