BL3 Bosses and Loot

One of the problems I had in Borderlands 2 was how specific all of the legendary drops were. Sure the warrior and terramorphous could drop any legendary in the game, but if you wanted the sham you had to go to the bunk3r for the best chance to get one and it might not even be a good version. The loot system in Borderlands (1) was just bizarre but at least any one could drop any thing with a few acceptations. If gearbox could find a happy medium then the loot system wood be perfect.

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In BL2 you also have Pyro Pete and the Dragons who can drop you random stuff.

I do like the boss specific drops in BL2, but I would definitely like to see more open loot pools in BL3.


They gave you that open loot pool in tps with that beautiful grinder haha

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In my opinion every badass, subboss and Boss enemy should have an additional loot Pool that could either spit out money or any random legendary. For badasses, the chance could be something like 0,1%, on NVHM, 0,2% on TVHM and 0,4% at UVHM plus an additional 0,1%/0,2% if it was a Super Badass or Ultimate Badass respectively. The bonusses for higher-tier badasses should increase with difficulty as well.
In total, that would go as follows:
Difficulty Mode: Badass-Tier; chance for getting a random legendary

NVHM: Badass; 0,1%, Super-Badass; 0,2%, Ultimate Badass; 0,3%
TVHM: Badass: 0,2%, Super-Badass; 0,4%, Ultimate Badass; 0,6%
UVHM: Badass; 0,4%, Super-Badass; 0,8%, Ultimate Badass; 1,2%

Subbosses should always be counting as Super-Badass-Enemies in that regard and Bosses should count as Ultimate Badasses.

In addition to this, the Chance for getting a legendary as a world-drop should increase with the player level. Let’s start at a chance of 1:4950 at Level 1, increasing by a solid number each Level. Say 50 in the numerator, so the Chance at level 2 would be 1:4900.
At Level 30, the chance would be 1:3500
At level 50, the chance would be 1:2500
At level 70 (max-lv?) It would be: 1:1500

So, there would be some kind of Borderlands 1-feeling about getting more legendaries the higher you level up.


Not too open though. I mean, look at Tubbies: they can drop Legendary class mods, weapons, shields and Pearlescents!
Gets really hard farming for that one item you want (looking at you, Bekah).

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I’m imagining a pretty simple enhancement for boss drops: instead of assigning each piece of legendary / unique / other red-text gear to a single source, assign it to multiple bosses. That way you could easily switch to farming a different source if you got bored of one of the sources or have trouble taking a drop source down with your current build and gear. The BL2 DLCs did that to some extent already:

  • Hunter Hellquist got boring but you still want a Bee with elemental immunity? Ask the Treants for one instead.
  • The Black Queen refuses to spawn and doesn’t give you a Nukem when she does spawn? Do some Bar Brawls to get at least 613 Torgue tokens, then visit the Torgue vendors.

It causes bosses to have more than one assigned drop, which is frustrating BL2 players because bosses keep dropping stuff you don’t need in place of the stuff you are farming for, but that doesn’t have to be a problem. Just let the bosses drop each of their assigned items separately. TPS already did a little bit of work in that direction with some of its bosses:

  • At least RedBelly and the Bosun have a separate loot pool for heads - just yesterday I got a Striker and a Fragtrap head on the same RedBelly kill.
  • The Sentinel has Zarpedon’s drops as separate pool alongside its own one. I have a screenshot lying around which shows a ZX-1 and a Black Hole in the same lootsplosion.

My proposal is to simply take both of these already existing ideas and apply them to all bosses. As a side effect it would promote experimentation with the other drops you get while farming for a specific item.

What do you think?


I like the idea of going to a specific boss/enemy for a certain item. I don’t want that to change. But I would like the option for more open loot (perhaps a lesser percentage than their main drop/s) while farming bosses in general.


I think that’s what made Borderlands 2 so good for loot farming, and a massive community talking point. I hope they keep it the same. Thing is we had the loot midgets for random drops, and the bosses like Pete and the Red chests. The loot side of the game takes on a very specific meaning with bosses having items, it then becomes the Trophy Hunting ideal which is what everyone enjoyed, and you get what you want without having to wait an eternity for it to drop randomly.


I’d just like to see a drop rate increase. Especially for cosmetics. Those BL2 drop rates were sad. I loved getting legendaries from random places in BL1.

I also loved that bosses dropped their specific epics and such during story missions. Really made it fun as you were levelling as opposed to relying on crappy greens or blues for the bulk of your journey a la BL2.


I liked that too.

I can agree with this

Why don’t you post on the BL3 Wishlist/Desires for BL3? (well there are two similar threads already, apparently)

I think this is a good discussion, so I dug up this post, hoping to get attention, I personally have dissatisfaction with the drop and boss of BL3. Less specific drops and fewer invincible bosses that can be directly challenged.I don’t know if GB wants to make every invincible boss into takedown, like Maliwan.If so,it will be a pitiy for me. I like fighting invincible boss with friends.Like invincible boss in BL2 which one player is hard to overcome.You need to spent a lot of time to beat it,once you beated it,you will get a lot of loot.

Some of their ideas have come true, I don’t know what they think now.

In the last borderlands 2 dlc we got effervescent gear, are we going to see that at all in borderlands 3 or was that just a one time thing? I really enjoyed using that gear and how pleasing it was to see rainbow gear drop for the first time.

@Deadlives - if you wish to discuss this, please either find an existing or start a new thread in the BL3 section; exhuming this after 4 years in the grave risks incurring the Curse of the Pharaohs, and I’m sure you don’t want that! :nauseated_face: