BL3 Button Confguration Additions/Changes Please!

So I got to talking about this in another post and liked the idea so much I wanted to create this topic and see what you all think…

I really like how the Gearbox team set up the default controller scheme for Borderlands 3 on consoles. Some don’t like it because you can’t switch to a specific weapon slot with the d-pad on the fly, instead the d-pad toggles through active missions, alternative firing modes, and marking a target. Gearbox must’ve known some wouldn’t like this because they added an option to set the control scheme to “classic” to make it play like the previous Borderlands games where the d-pad switches between your weapons slots depending on which direction you choose.

Why not have the best of both worlds???

I think they should have an option to keep the “default” d-pad setting but instead of “Y” (or “Triangle” for PS peeps) toggling through your weapons just hold it down and make the d-pad change to the “classic” scheme so you can then switch to whichever weapon slot you want. Then when you release “Y” (or “Triangle”) the d-pad reverts back to the “default” scheme and you can go back to toggling through missions, alternative firing modes, etc.

And there you have it! No toggling through weapons AND the missions can still be toggled through without having to open the menu.

Just a thought.

I forgot what game had this, but you could switch weapons by swiping on the touch pad on PS4. Would be neat to be able to do this although that does leave out the Xbox.

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That’s very cool. Yeah, unless it was an Elite controller there’s no option for that to translate over to Xbox. What I’ve suggested (I think) would be easy to do and it would translate across the consoles and even PC. Would love to see something like this happen. There’s so many actions one can perform in BL3 it seems like it would work well.

Yeah agree hold triangle should swap schemes. But the scheme also needs tweaking. In classic mode you can’t allocate mark targets to anything useful… it’s so annoying.

I didn’t change to classic mode… I just alerted the default scheme so d-pad was guns and triangle/Y was mode swap. If you go to classic you have to hold for mode swap to take effect (as it pings on just a press).

I’m doing it this way because in combat I don’t want the delay on mode swap. I wanted to assign holding the button to ping (as when using pet directions you have to hold the bumper button anyways so the timing feels right) however you can’t choose what holding any button does when you assign them yourselves.

Just being able to customize what holding a button does would be enough for me. Hold to ping and press to mode swap just makes more sense. Then I could still assign the mission select to left/right d pad because I could assign it to holding the direction instead of on press. The lack of customization is really the problem not the set up honestly.