BL3 causes GPU shake

After installing and playing steam BL3, I have encountered an unusual problem. This problem ONLY occurs when playing BL3, Nowhere else.
I have an asus prime x299 deluxe mobo with an i9-7940, 32GB of ram and an asus 1080 ti Strix all sat in a Corasir Obsidian 450D with LOTS of fans and a liquid cooler.
Not a slow PC, and I only run it at 1920x1200. Every game I have played works fine, plays fine, doesn’t misbehave at all. Division 2, MHW, Disco elysium, COD Warzone, Control etc.
NOTHING phases this PC… UNTIL BL3.
When I run the game, I will get maybe 3-4 minutes into the game, then my GPU starts vibrating really hard. Shakes the PC and the desk it is on. A LOT. Stop playing, vibration goes away. Any other game, NO vibration. I have run GPUtweak to try to control the fans on the card, no soap… Airflow in the case is good, pulling in cold, extracting hot. all the obvious things have been checked. System is NOT being overclocked. NOT the GPU, NOT the hardware. Only running the game on high, 1920x1200…

Anyone got any thoughts??

…like your computer is physically shaking? There aren’t a lot of moving parts that should even be able to do this? A broken CD or spinning disk drive might, but those wouldn’t be specific to BL3. If some blades are missing from a fan, and BL3 was the only thing taxing it, you might pick up some vibration that way.

Does the vibration follow some fan speed (like can you track this and see them happen in tandem)?

I’m thinking they mean either frame stuttering or drop outs?

I mean PHYSICAL vibration of the GPU. Shaking my PC. No spinning rust (m.2 drive), No cd-rom. No busted blades. It is DEFINITELY the video card, because when I push the card hard against the motherboard the vibration gets less. I am guessing somehow the game is telling the GPU fans to spin faster than needed?? someohow? No other game does this…

The only way a fan should cause vibration, like shuddering, is if the fans are off balance… by a noticeable amount. Seriously, a blade or two will need to be missing, or a large dust pile will be on just one of the blades (but this wouldn’t be unique to BL3, but still). One of the checks I do when cruising the floor is resting my hand on the cabinet briefly. The round top i960s have a cooling fan in the top that loses blades (they’re like 20 years old), and they’ll make the machine shudder a little.
Do the fans otherwise look okay? There just aren’t that many moving parts in a GPU that could throw this sort of physical movement besides fans that I know of.

This may be a problem too if fan is hitting a specific frequency. In all software I have found that controls liquid coolers, motherboards, or video cards you can manually set fan speeds. Try a bunch of combos of speeds to see if you can replicate outside the game. Also you may want to try 3DMark or some other software to stress test your PC to see if this is just a case of something going wrong only when your computer is under heavy load.

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As PREVIOUSLY stated, I have already run GPUTweak to try to manage the fans speeds. This does NOTHING to the problem. NO damage to blades, NO dirt. The fans spin fine under load whilst in other, WAAAY more GPU intensive games. I re-iterate, this is a BL3 ONLY problem, and provably NOT the hardware. Ran 3dmark, no issues. EVERY other game I have it does NOT do this.
It is almost like somehow the game forces my GPU to run superhot, so the fans run way too fast.
This is an Asus Strix 1080ti with 11GB of ram, there is NO way the card is unable to handle the load (1920x1200, High, DX11), considering all the other new games I play don’t even cause it to break into heavy breathing…

What I am thinking is a specific frequency is setting causing:

An example of this is: