BL3 Causing Eye Strain

Same issue for me - eye strain and slight motion sickness after less than 1 hour play time. I don’t have any issues for extended play in Destiny 2, CSGO, WoW etc. I’m on a 1440p 27 inch monitor at a steady 96 fps. I calibrated the brightness level down a bit but still having the same fatigue very quickly. I never experienced this with B or B2, unless I played for several hours straight. Any ideas on specific graphics setting that might mitigate the problem. How do you change the FoV for better results? Has there been any discussion of a hotfix or patch? Thanks.

Hey borderlands 3 DOES NOT cause eyestrain you hater.

Jk. adjusting your tv settings and the game settings can probably help most, if you do both.

Hate to break it to you. I’ll assume you’re at least 32 to 37.

But basically, as you get older, every part of you gets tired of doing everything.

Now the helpful bit.

Golden rule for computers and screens or general life:
every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Personally I like to close my eyes when possible/appropriate.

I don’t know if Borderlands in particular is doing something weird/different, but giving your eyes some help is still a good idea.


Staring at anything that’s a fixed distance for extended periods of time can cause your eyes to not focus properly. Going outside would cause you to look at many different things at differing distances, this makes your eyes and associated muscles actually work together in concert the way nature expected you to use your eyes, instead of just staring for hours at a fixed distance.

What you are describing is normal. Not healthy, but normal.

Try turning off motion blur.

It’s under the visuals menu in your options. Helped me out a bunch.

The font is too small.

I’m having same problem with the game in my own opinion there are way too many bright lights in the game im playing with the ps4 pro so there is limited things that i can do with the lighting i had an a epilepsy seizure about 7 years ago and ever since my eyes have been really sensitive to bright lights after that i have been really careful with playing video games but then i realized that none of those video games that i have been playing haven’t caused any sorts of problems with my eyes so i stopped worrying about it. Until now with the borderlands 3 i really like this game but no matter what how low do i put the brightness and the constract on the tv and on the game i doesn’t help if it’s too low i can’t see anything that is happening and i have to lean towards the tv screen too because of the font is too small should i stop playing this game or naw? And sorry for bad English

Last patch made the particle effects much better. Could still use tweaking. The small text size is annoying. Should not have to sit within 5ft of a 55inch tv to read things.

What platform are you on? I thought I remember seeing this but I can’t find it now. Xbox One.

If it’s available on XB1 and not in the video settings, it would likely be under the Accessibility options - that’s where the head bob setting is.

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I swore I saw it, but I can’t find it either in Visual nor under Accessibility. I did find this post while doing a search (search engine based) for motion blur -

If Tay is right, it’s not available on the console, at least currently.

I think the issue is mainly one of people sitting too long staring at a fixed distance, but I’m going to say I myself have had some really weird and disturbingly pronounced issue with my eyes refusing to track things and focus on some occasions myself. Once after about 5 hours playing I went out to our sun room to have a smoke. There was a cat outside on a low wall along our driveway. I could not focus on the cat. COULD NOT. Period. It was a double image like I was drunk and had taken a good damn hard shot to the head.

I experience some issues with focusing on things at a distance. Some of it is age and just my eyes. Some of it is spending way too many hours staring at a screen that is a fixed distance and my eyes not getting appropriate activity. I know these are issues, I am used to this. But I have some odd situations occasionally that only seem to happen playing Borderlands. No idea why that might be.

If you are playing on a console and your TV is 4k. You can shut it off on your TV in your TV settings.

I wonder if some of the other TV modes make a difference on non-4K models too? There’s a bewildering array of them…

Don’t play with the lights off. Stay hydrated (not kidding actually). Try a different tv if possible, I noticed larger screens make me a tad headachey. If you wear glasses, clean em.

I have a 70" LG, I like to see Maurice big enough to have coffee with him, and there is an “HDR” function that miraculously turned on. It makes the colors pop, but holy balls it makes you dizzy. Turned it off and use the standard tv mode, not gaming, and it changed the whole experience.

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This is a case of , just because you can doesn’t mean you should, with the VFX. GBX went a bit overboard with the visuals in this game.

I love the juliets dalzze, but it is like I am shooting fireworks. Just not usable. Infact, I find myself using Dahl, Jacobs and Vladoff because the particles on all other guns are absolutely horrible.

Try using those manufacturers. It helps a lot. But they definately need to impliment fixes for this in the next patch.

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I think I’ve discovered part of what gives me much greater eye strain in BL3. Different anti-aliasing settings seem to make it harder for my eyes to focus, or just strains them more than usual. I’ve only really figured it out today, so I haven’t had several days to see which is worse yet. I’m pretty sure temporal is worse for me, though. Try messing with those.

There might be some others. I noticed my eyestrain was worse after changing most of my graphics settings, but haven’t seen any to be as obvious as AA.

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