BL3 Causing my PS4 to powerdown 3 times in 20 mins! PLEASE READ

So today i decided to give Circle of slaughter a go. I cued up for matchmaking on MH4 found 1 person and on entering the game i was falling from above and landed in the middle of the arena. The match had not been started so i had to fast travel out. Once the match starts my PS4 goes into powering down.

I reset and did it again and the same thing happens, so next time i try MH2 and same thing happens.

I checked my PS4 and it was quite hot so i double checked the vents where all clear and they was as i gave the console a clean just 1 month ago. Lastnight i was in a full group taking down one of the vault boss’s and the game went all weird and stuttering, i had to leave the game.

Not sure whats going on here but somethings wrong and it needs fixing.

Thank You