BL3 Causing Xbox One X to Constantly Shut Off

I am really getting on my last nerves with this game. I play on an Xbox One X console, and every day, my game causes my console to completely shut off.

I do not have any issues with any other game. This also does not seem to happen if I am playing by myself.

I primarily play Borderlands 3 with friends. When I accept invites from the title screen, as soon as I get to the loading screen, my console shuts down. I’ll restart and try again. What seems to work, or did, would be to load into a world, then accept the invite, and I would be able to join and play with my friends.

Now, every day when I play with friends, I join, doesn’t matter if it is from the title screen or when already in the game, most of the time, my console shuts down. When I am able to join, we can play for about 30 minutes, to an hour, then my console will shut down.

Even more, the last couple days, when i restart, rejoin our game, my console will shut off now within 2-3 minutes of joining the game with friends. Ill restart again, and my console will shut off again. I’ll go through this about 3-4 times before we are able to successfully play for any length of time without my console shutting off.

As I have said, I don’t have this issue with any of the other games I play. I play Minecraft, Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny 2 when not playing Borderlands 3, and I can play them all day even, without a single issue. As soon as I start Borderlands 3 and join friends to play, console starts shutting off.

I unplug my Xbox at night, and even when I plug in and boot up the game for the first time of the day, as soon as I join friends, console starts shutting off and sometimes I’ll get the message that my console may have overheated.

Also worth noting, when playing Borderlands 3, the fan in my console blows really hard and is very loud, but does not do this in other games. When I close out BL3 and go to another game, the console quiets down to where I can barely hear it running.

I have searched online and on Reddit and have seen a TON of posts about there being an issue with BL3 on One X consoles, and that gearbox is aware and have been working on a patch. These posts date back to September shortly after the game launched. Is there any update on this?

I enjoy this game, but honestly, this issue makes it extremely frustrating to play with friends and doesn’t make me want to keep playing this game.


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