BL3 Character Cosmetics you'd like to see/you think would be cool

Let’s get a discussion going on cosmetics for the characters. We already know guns and vehicles will be getting some nifty skins and stuff, so what about the characters themselves? Will we see significant changes to their outfits and appearance when choosing skins/colors/heads/hats/whatever have you?

Personally I’d like to see a couple things:
-Zane: Black Turtleneck with black, leather gloves (Boondock Saints style) -and/or- Suit and Bowtie -and/or- Evil Mustache
-Moze: Rosie the Riveter -and/or- Rambo/Terminator inspired garb -and/or- Punk vest and torn jeans
-FL4K: Tailcoat/Pantsuit -and/or- Steampunk Inspired -and/or- Zer0 styled head
-Amara: A dhoti sherwani. Because she would look fab AF in one.
-Moze/Amara: Shaved sides styled hair

What about all of y’all? What would you like to see cosmetic-wise for our protagonists this time around?


A Scurvy Dog head variant for Zane Flynt and a Robotman head for FL4K would be nice. I hope to see another set of pirate and western themed cosmetic packs for the new generation of Vault Hunters.


It’s been so hard picking skins and heads for Maya and Gaige. The hairstyles are always just a little wonky. That said, since Alkaline Mistress (Maya) and Sinful Sweetheart (Gaige) are my favorites, I am really hoping for some really cool alternative hair styles. Or hoods.

Scarves, hats. Just, for the love of Earl, please please please tame the hairstyles :joy:


Tank Girl outfit for Moze


I would like to see a 3rd person option in the game. @gearbox

General nod to other games or culture icons, maybe Marvel characters for fun. That would be awesome!

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It might be a bit unoriginal, but I’d like to see at least a couple of reprisals of my favorite bl2 heads. Dapper Gent, Nihilism, Kawaii Killer, Metal Blood, etc were some awesome heads that I could see fitting the current generation of vault hunters.

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In previous games they used to have skins of characters from other games, like how bl2 got TPS skins and vice versa. Would be nice if:
Amara got Lilth of Maya style skin (or Brick with his knuckle bling)
Zane got Zer0, Roland skin
FL4K got CL4P-TP coloring or Mordecai skin
and Moze with a Gaige or Axton outfit.

I would be down for themed cosmetic packs, like fantasy (fairies, unicorns, etc.), beach wear, winter theme, fancy red carpet outfits, Spooky costumes… I like being able to change my outfits in games based on my mood and sometimes the time of year I’m playing the game.


Gotta have a head for Zane that makes him look like one of his brothers, captain and baron flynt.

Otherwise Zane needs a lot of cyberpunk stuff.

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Since borderlands 3 is improving a lot of things from the previous ones, one thing I really hope for is animated skins.

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Do you mean something like a costume that changes colors/shape while you wear it? That could prove pretty interesting depending on what they do with it. What kind of animated skins would you want?

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How about facial expressions? Like happy, angry, ect. That would add another layer of distinction. If there were two Mozes in a team, then this would make a way to distinguish between the two of them - in a visual way.

Accordingly, people you talk to in town will react to your expression in their conversation with you - making a game out of what people in town would say.


Any animation would be good with me. Skin with even small animations like how the Eridian architecture in borderlands 1 is, just small animated texture pieces, or even something bigger like skins that radiat particles like smoke or fire or something. I might sound bad at explaining it but something like that, or anywhere in between.


Nah, I think I get what you’re saying. That would be pretty awesome! Like a flaming skull head for Amara or something. I could totally dig on animated heads/skins.

i like to seen a skin for amara base of jotaro(from jojo bizarded adventure stare dust crusade) called standing proud

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I have noticed while watching some Zane gameplay that his coat does seem to have physics to hit and move around. This gives me confidence that we may have some skins which could very well have animation to them. If they can give them physics, why not animation?

What would you guy want as a cosmetic for the characters?

I would want something like Amara with th long hair without the pontail over her shoulder and back.
Maybe a humanoid head for Fl4k? kinda as him trolling humans with a weird human head?
A good one would be an easter egg of full metal jacket for Moze? with the helmet with on it write “Born to kill”? or better, to not let it be too obvious of an easter egg something like “Born to respawn” with the name of the head being “My war face”?
Or a Zane skin with the arms all black and metally like Adam Jensen’s arms? (Deus Ex)

WHat do you think? any other ideas?

A Necron 99/Peace inspired skin for Fl4k would amuse me.


I kinda want there to be something to make Fl4k look vaguely like a chew toy :joy:

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