BL3 Character Idea zeus

Zeus The Alien (from the end of borderlands the pre sequel I think :sweat_smile:

Heaven’s Wrath Cooldown 45 seconds

Shocked 87%

Ignited 89%

Corroded 50%

Stunned 79%

Dazed 89%
Ter 1
Turns the player invisible for 30 seconds while that is happening a meteor (or asteroid)
that is being sent down to the area you are in that will crash into the ground destroying the environment. And it will also cancel any and all shields that are present in the area even yours (if you have one).

Ter 2
Heaven Concealed Cooldown 0 seconds
Daze 90%

Ignite 98%

Stunned 87%

Shocked 89%

Turns the player invisible for 12 seconds and sends out 10 stun grenades exploding when it touches the ground and lets you freeze time for how every much time left on your invisibility and will let you shot but when the ability is over you can not use until you kill all enemies and collect the “souls” of the defeated.

Ter 3
Heaven Destroyed Cooldown 50 seconds
Daze 90%

Stunned 99%


Turns the player invisible for 10 seconds and allows the player to freeze time and lets them shoot while the enemy is frozen while the player is invisible the shots do double damage and if they have shield the shield will be destroyed in one shot but while the player is in the frozen time if they shot they will have normal damage but if it is a headshot it will be a instakill.

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I think another player character that would be a great idea is a character called rattlesnake. give her a bunch of really cool powerups and speacials

I don’t know maybe but I like Zeus