BL3 Characters/Gear/Anointments Balanced Yet? Getting there... Flak needs more survivability like more Health & self damage is a problem, Especially with Moze/iron bear. Explossion resistance? UBVHM?

Are Borderlands 3 Characters/Weapons Balanced? No there not but here are some ways to balance the weakest characters, which are Flak (NEEDS IT) & Weapons.

And hopefully gearbox see’s where just making the game more better for everyone.


So Flak needs More Survivability like 25-50% more health. And he’ll be good…

Reason He goes down ALOT, like ALOT ALOT…

Self explosion damage is a big problem. Resistance maybe???

Ultimate Badass Vault Hunter mode. all enemies are ultimate badasses with automatic mayhem lv 10/15, u can’t lower mayhem level.

That would be cool…

Legendary Artifact: Elemental Projector All Character
Buff from 90% to 100%

Reason: Because it was nerfed from like 180% thats fine but 90% is the same as Purple artifact, Legendary is suppose to be Better, so 100% is perfectly fair please… :slight_smile:

Anointments on ClassMods And Artifacts
Where r the Anointments for/on class mods and Artifacts. Make something up and adding it would be nice if possible.

Class Mod with Anointment
For Example:
Team Anointment: Team Bullet speed/projectile speed increases 25%. Effect % stacks with team members who also have it. Max 100%

Reason: It was in badass rank system in borderlands 2, it should be easy to add it.

Artifact with Anointment
For Example:
15% Increased Damage against bosses when they have over 75% health.

Reason: I mean Why Not? Its not like its Overpowered.

Please also could you put the seconds/time the anointed perks last for on there. One has 6 seconds, the other I’ve seen has 18 seconds, the rest WHO KNOWS? how long or little they last for. Please, this would help a LOT…

Finally: More Guardian Rewards
Future Events/DLC

Examples of Rewards:
Survivor: DEEP POCKETS 5% Magazine size. 25 Points
Enforcer: I’M FEELING LUCKY 10% Higher Elemental Chance. 25 points
Hunter: MASTER OF ARMS 15% Faster weapon swap speed. 25 points

Survivor: Skin, Enforcer: Skin, Hunter: Skin. 50 Points total: 75

Survivor: LETS DO THIS 20% reload speed while in fight for your life. 100 Points total: 175
Enforcer: ALL OR NOTHING unlimited bullets for 2.5 seconds while in fight for your life. 100 Points total: 175
Hunter: ADRENALINE RUSH 0.5 Health regeneration. 100 Points total: 175


Legendary Weapons
Bitch SMG 230-300 max at LV 50, Needs a buff to 430
Linc PISTOL 350-390 max at LV 50, Needs a buff to 450 as it has no special ability.
Hellfire SMG 250-290 max at LV 50, Needs a buff to 450
Carrier ASSAULT RIFLE 580-630 max at LV 50, Needs a buff to 700
Kaos ASSAULT RIFLE 480-530 max at LV 50, Needs a buff to 650
Rebelyell ASSAULT RIFLE 430-450 max at LV 50, Needs a buff to 550
Sleeping Giant SMG 360x2-400x2 max at LV 50, Needs a buff to 450x2 and Reloading Weapon Bonus needs to be buffed from x1.5 to double (x2) fire rate 23.04/second.

Ogre’s ASSAULT RIFLE’s Needs a 5% increase in Damage. &
Shreddifier’s ASSAULT RIFLE’s Needs a 5% increase in damage.

COV weapon’s need a 10% increase also…

More Guardian Rewards for early next year, Latest maybe for Next Year September 13th 2020 & Bloody harvest 2020, to keep us playing up till PS5 Launch.

Where u could put Borderlands 3 on PS5. And make a second season pass with Mayhem 15, Events, invincible’s and more guardian rewards on the PS5 Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec, 2021 then make Borderlands 4/Borderlands Worlds…


for iron bear ive made these suggestions before but it would be nice to be able to drop it on a location similar to flak’s gamma burst. Would also be nice to have a follow mode so IB isnt just standing around taking damage but moving with me and covering me. There’s so much wasted potential with iron bear and why dont we have a dedicated tree for it?


Yes great ideas, I’ve just come up with one more thing gearbox could do with iron bear.

This is my idea for auto bear for mayhem modes.

Auto Bear, Demolition Woman
15% Auto Bear Damage, 15% Auto Bear Health/Armour & if Auto Bear is Destroyed before its 15 seconds it deals 100% more Explosion Damage when charging at the enemy.

Auto Iron Bear will get his revenge!!!

I use auto bear with the class mod that makes it last longer then i jump out and watch him annihilate mobs, especially with the shock lasers.

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I would like for Iron Bears melee to cause either:

  1. enemies to stagger


  1. push enemies away (would be amazing on the bridge in the raid)

As it is right now, IB melee is completely useless

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Added: Iron Bear’s Melee button
Should Stagger & (or) push back Enemies.

Mini guns should drain less fuel and not overheat as quickly as they do.
Their fuel drain is ridiculous compared to other weapons.

Iron Bear should scale off of both health and shield, currently limits choice of shield.

Should be annointments to buff Iron Bear while Moze is piloting him.


Minor thing but I just wanted to point out this is merely a visual bug. The actual damage reduction already scales as you suggest.

The testing can be found here.

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For Zane:

like @acpn22 suggested
Cold Bore: Keep swap speed but give Cold Bore give 30% bonus cryo dmg after a gun swap for 5 or 8 seconds

Make Praemunitus 10% per point for 30% to prevent the 24.99% bug.

Pocket Full of Grenades: Kill Skill adds w/ 10% grenade dmg per point (30% max) also during duration of regen . (this will make grenade Zane viable as well)

Violent Violence: 4% Fire Rate and 2% Gun Damage

Fix: Old-U and Quick Breather

Which one is real? Needs bigger ‘taunt’ radius.

and @studdugie


Added. DLC nearly here guy’s super excited. Full acid and fire setup ready for Handsome Jackpot… Lets rob a D*** W*** Casino…

@DragonLAT21 Don’t forget:

  • CCC action skill reset also proc ASE anointments.
  • Nerves of Steel scales with amount of shield like Confident Competence already does.
  • Nerves of Steel should give at least 15% crit bonus per point because what’s the point of all that accuracy if they aren’t rewarding us for head shots? :grin:
  • Death Follows Close should be a flat additive boost. So for example, if you put 1 point in Violent Momentum and let’s say it gave you 5% movement speed and you have Death Follows Close your movement speed becomes 30% (5% + 25%).
  • Best Served Cold , in addition to what it already does it should also increase crit damage to frozen targets 10% per point and increase cryo efficiency 15% per point. The reason for the cryo efficiency increase is to try and turn the cryo nova into something useful by having it be able to potentially freeze enemies.
  • Sprint while shooting

Sprinting while shooting is impossible though, because thats a unique skill/perk for Moze. Sorry other characters can’t get unique character 1 skill point/perks.

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Amara has Zane speed buff in a mod, Fl4k has Zane’ seen red in a mod. He has a million ways to throw a grenade but moze can buff them. Many Zane players agree he should have it, just because you don’t, doesn’t mean to ignore the Zane community.

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Im not ignoring the zane community, those are totally different from a 1 point only unique Perk. If all characters had the same ability’(s)
Whats the point of other characters? Different characters different builds. If they add a zane mod that allows him to sprint and shoot, then fine, I’ll be happy for you all.

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I am guessing you haven’t worked on playing Zane yet, but when you do please tell me if you change your mind. He doesn’t have damage boosts like moze doze. He literally needs speed. For Zane running while shooting will passively actually boost his damage which he lacks, for moze it just has one function. If you read the Zane forums a lot of other characters copy his skills in some better ways. He is left out. Read the Zane forums and see if you change your mind, not just “well that’s moze” because Zane has been saying that since start.


First off, most of y’all’s suggestions are really dumb. Like, really dumb. “Death Follows Close” should give kill skills an additive bonus? Seriously? That’s like a 100% bonus on some skills, that’s absurdly overpowered.

If anything, Death Follows Close shouldn’t give any bonuses to the kill skills, because it basically makes it mandatory for Zane, and if a skill is basically mandatory, why not just make it part of their default character design? I would very much prefer it if DFC JUST gave +7 seconds of duration and all the kill skills were buffed 25% by default. That way taking DFC would actually be a choice, if you thought you could keep killing enemies fast enough to keep your kill skills up without it.

A few changes I’d really like:

Rocketeer really needs to give Auto Bear by default as part of its bonus effect. The class mod is completely useless without it, which is pretty silly, especially since you can already maintain Auto Bear indefinitely just by constantly redeploying it.

Zane doesn’t need to be able to run and shoot at the same time. I’m saying this as a Zane main. What he needs is to be able to enhance his sliding and jumping so they’re more practical to use. For example, jumping during a slide should maintain the slide speed while in the air. He shouldn’t be incapable of starting a new slide if waiting for his weapon to be able to fire again. Etc.

Zane is incredibly fun on Skywell, because of the lower gravity there; they should consider giving him a SNTNL modifier that lets him double jump off the drone, or grab hold of it to slide further.

Nerves of Steel needs much more general refurbishment. As it currently stands, it’s basically either completely active, or completely inactive, which flies in the face of its design. Why even bother with an accumulating system, when just being inside your barrier has the same effect? All it really does is force the player into using the bubble shield, and that’s not a good thing. The bubble shield already has heavy incentive for using it, it doesn’t need even more.

It should be something like “For every second Zane has full health, he accumulates 1 stack of Nerves of Steel, giving him increased handling and accuracy. When his health is below 100%, he loses 2 stacks per second, and boosts any health regeneration by 33/66/100% until all stacks are exhausted.”

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I main Zane and I don’t want to slide and jump all day sorry, those were just recently brought in with anointments and snow drift is used primarily to enhance said damage. Snow drift is a crutch for Zane and apparently Amara now too.

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That’s a rather surprising conclusion given that I’m one of the self identified Zane mains on the forums and have created YouTube videos for the sole purpose of refuting some of the misconceptions and disinformation about Zane. :grin:


I wanted you in here :sob: lol was meant for OP