BL3 Characters/Gear/Anointments Balanced Yet? Getting there... Flak needs more survivability like more Health & self damage is a problem, Especially with Moze/iron bear. Explossion resistance? UBVHM?

@flightx3aa’s topic provides rather extensive coverage of the issues related to Zane and my thoughts are documented therein. So I’ll just link to it.

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Zane is not my main no, but he’s LV 50 and I do play him and have a cryo build.

@Gmanswan I just coped his ideas because I don’t have the time to fully explore/balance all zane skills. But your right, a slide with a pushing jump to keep your speed and go into another slide is a good idea for zane Because you could shoot while sliding and jumping, he needs longer slide and better control slide.

Moze mains making Zane a jumping sliding bunny. I am done too.

I see zane’s sliding all the time in youtube videos.

To boost their damage literally…

Jumping and Sliding has ALWAYS been the optimal way to play Zane. It lets him maintain sprint speed (or faster) while still shooting, and while rewarding the player for a more challenging playstyle. If you don’t like that, play someone else.

Moze doesn’t get any bonuses for running and shooting, which is the entire reason why she has that skill. You’re not forced into it, you can take it or leave it based on personal preference.

If Zane had a skill that allowed him to run while shooting, it would be MANDATORY. And as I said in my prior post, there should be no such thing as a mandatory skill.


Actually if running and shooting was his Hitman capstone or 5 tier it wouldn’t. I run nothing in Hitman but I listen to fellow Zane’s .

Hopefully they balance the characters before the next Free content in January, if I had to guess its going to be an invincible: Korilax the invisible, then February valentines event, then March DLC 2.

From the leaked video of Korilax the invincible it was easy to kill because the IGN team killed it first time.

But I think 1. they defeated on normal/non mayhem mode & 2. It will have multiple stages in it like Wotan the invincible. Maybe all varkid pod stages Korilax Varkid, Adult, Badass, Super Badass, Ultimate Badass, Super Ultimate Baddass, KORILAX THE INVINCIBLE!!!

Would be cool if they could both have it.

Edit: No point in worrying about homogenization of classes anyways. Moze will absorb everyone’s power eventually anyways.

Edit: changed my mind.

Is borderlands 3 dead right now? Are gearbox working on Balances still. Or DLC/Content.

I Don’t know which I want more, I want a stronger balanced Moze like health regen would be nice cause all other characters have that. But I guess right now I can wait cause CONTENT is what we need.

Gearbox put Korilax the Invincible in the game, at least thats something…

Gearbox has released the latest update/buff that buffs snipers and other low damage guns, but theres still many guns that need buffs like the Bitch smg and the hellfire smg, that were some of the best guns in borderlands 2.

Plus anointments like while sliding fire rate is increased by 25% needs buffing to 50%
While airborne fire rate is increased by 20% needs buffing to 40%

Plus most of all, where r the Anointments for/on class mods and Artifacts. Make something up and adding it would be nice if possible.

Class Mod with Anointment
For Example:
Team Anointment: Team Bullet speed increases 25%. Effect % stacks with team members who also have it. Max 100%

Reason: It was in badass rank system in borderlands 2, it should be easy to add it.

Artifact with Anointment
For Example:
15% Increased Damage against bosses when they have over 75% health.

Thank you

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My only problem with moze is that, most of the damage anoinment comes from ASE. And it is almost required to use when it comes to MH10. So if moze want to benefit from that anoint, she would be REQUIRED to spec into blue tree to spam action skill just like fl4k and amara. So either I have to shoot forever to kill the enemy or spam IB, that’s the only gameplay option I have on MH10 for moze.

I hope Flak gets a little love, he goes down ALOT!!!