BL3 Community Resource Guide - All you ever wanted to know

A list of all the guides regarding game mechanics. If you’re new to the game this is the best place to start. If you think I missed a guide that should be listed here post a link to it and I’ll add it. Thanks.

Game Information

Game Mechanics

Character / Class Guides


All information and guides regarding items can be found in @Prismatic’s excelent resource:



Thanks! Replying to bookmark (have a ton of questions, mostly about loot mechanics). :+1:

Is this a topic worth to be pinned to the top?
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honestly fanboying a bit from seeing my guide in there…
feels like i achieved something


Well, you did. It’s an excellent guide. :+1:

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An Introduction to Borderlands Math added.


I’ve added a few more links.


Only just noticed this. Thanks for all the effort :+1:t2:

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You’re welcome.

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I very happy to see my Guide on here as well! Thank you @DankRafft, hopefully Draft to come :acmwink:
It would be really cool if you could list my (r/leb), Rob (r/stubzeey), Or Karthathan (r/Karthathan)'s Reddit page, Ex. .
The Prefix guide was started there by Rob and I, grew to a large size there, and finally was published there. Only when Karthathan was very considerate and helped improve our list by compiling it in google docs to allow for more cosmetic editing and organization did google docs come into play. However if Karth never saw our reddit page first then they’d never have known how to contact us to contribute to the list. And Community feedback kept this list from dying in the early stages!

  • Some downsides to just having the link to google docs:

If users do not get to the pages intended to be seen before this list, Or know the contacts for the editors, It means this Guide has a harder time growing. We each have a page linking to the list that is for helping out; From our own explanations on possible confusions, questions, additional information, & mainly for people to make and add suggestions so that the list can grow!

Or if need be, have outdated or incorrect content changed or removed from the guide during future game developments.
This was a Key Feature in developing this list, trial and error, followed by help and suggestions by the community! :slight_smile:

Notable the list has not grown :chart_with_upwards_trend:very much in the last few months, partially because so few have posted any further suggestions directly to us. I have tried adding in our linking for suggestions, but find those links tend to get overlooked since they are in the main content. We certainly know the list is not 100% complete yet though, and I hope one day it can be a place where not one prefix is missing!

Thanks for your time,


I’ll put in a nomination for including

Hmm, maybe I should start up a BL3 lootology resource. We now have enough threads to warrant it.


Thanks, I’ve added it to the OP.

That could definitely come in handy.

Edit: Instead of the item guides listed here separately I linked to @Prismatic’s new loot guide.


This has been around awhile but I see is unlisted. It provides a general overview of gun damage calculations in Borderlands 3. There’s also a bonus resource on Torgue Stickies in here.

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Is there a mayhem scaling guide anywhere? Been out for a while and searching for one and can’t find any.

Basically what I want to know / searching for is are drop rates affected by mayhem levels and what are the anointment chances for various levels. I know they are guaranteed at lvl10 (Some distant memory tells me it could be lvl8+) but what about lower mayhem?

Pretty sure I saw this info pass somewhere. On yt or elswhere, can’t remember.
Other stats scaling would be welcome too.

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Skill calculator on Lootlemon

Edited first post with Lootlemon database and skill calculator,

Also added all customizations guides.

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Mayhem has no impact on dedicated drops, they are the same on every Mayhem level, no matter if its M1 or M10/11. Ony world drops are boosted by Mayhem.
Each Mayhem should have increased chances for getting anointed item, guaranteed anointment is on Mayhem 8 and above (excluding items that can’t be anointed).

There was a topic/post with the Mayhem scaling basics, mostly for Amara, but I can’t find it right now.

Here is a list (by Quag) of skills/augments boosted by Mayhem, some of them are boosted x7 (or +600% at M10/11) like Remnant, Indiscriminate or Short Fuse and some x31 (+3000% at M10/11) like Fire in the Skag Den.

Mayhem Scaled Skills/Augments:
-Success Imminent
-Lethal Force Authorized

-Unweave the Rainbow
-Body and Mind
-Free the Soul
-Do Unto Others

-Best Served Cold
-Binary System

-Big Surplus
-Fire in the Skag Den
-Short Fuse
-Baby Nukes


Hey there, After ALL my time playing I have never considered IF when you save quit while farming…
Does the Cash & Eridium save for you or is it lost Unless you pick it all up ???

New to forums.

You need to pick it up before quitting to main menu.


Thanx for that. I did not expect a reply much.

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