BL3 crashes ran out of memory

After about 20 hours of game Time , my game froze for a second and the game closed itself.
This is the first time it did this.
Could this error be because of possible bad memory ?

Spec :
I9900k @ 4.7ghz Intel
RTX2080 TI 11gb MSI
16 gb corsair 2x8 gb 3000mhz
Asus Z390 pro Wi-Fi mobo
Res : 2560x1440
Overall Quality video : badass
Steam version

I had some blue screen of death (memory management) a week or two ago.
After running memtest86 i encountered some memory issues. These were later fixed after doing a bios update. After the update memtest came up w no errors.
Prime95 does not crash my comp, neither does 2 hours of heaven GPU benchmark.

So basically my question is : the error below , could this be due to bad memory / hardware issues or could it be a software error / game error.

Just in case you did not figure this out. We tried freeing up space on our memory drive and it seemed to fix this issue.