Bl3 crashing in new content

Revene of the cartels always crashes my game, on Xbox one s

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I’m up to three crashes in 20 minutes.


Same. I managed to finish the quest once, but now when i tried again, the game crashes

I cr3ashed in the slaughter shaft, round 4, m10, with the map covered in legendaries.

Top tier, gearbox.

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All the new effects combined with existing effects of weapons on console is basically unplayable. Not only is it hard to see anything, but the framerate drops to a slideshow.

Xbox One X Crashed 3 times in 45 minutes. Audio got wrecked just before the entire game crashed.

For ■■■■■ sake Gearbox, its been 8 months… you know what my favorite ability is in video games?


Samr here every 20 or so minutes, the sound glitches and stops working, then freezes then crashes game , in mayhem 6 or higher, slaughter rounds and cartel. Basically any gameplay with multiple enemies

I…can’t even complete the cartels event. I’ve crashed three times in a row, all after I enter the mansion. I’m also getting those sound distortions.

Husband and I started RoCs today. Couldn’t make any progress because his game (both on Xbox One) kept crashing. Had to give up after crash #4. This is clearly not isolated to us, so great. Not playing again until it’s fixed (well, CAN’T PLAY UNTIL IT’S FIXED!)

My brother game crashes every couple of minutes and he gets glitchy audio just before it crashes, he plays on xbox one X. I play on the orginal xbox one I sometimes crash but I get really bad audio when im at the cartel villa place.

Unfortunately, none of you are alone. This thread may have information that could assist you.
(It also might not.) I hope something there provides insight that is useful. You may need to scroll up to see other’s experiences and “workarounds” that have helped some of them.