BL3 Crashing on Character Load


I’ve been playing Borderlands 3, through Steam if that matters, and I just finished up the Moxxi heist DLC. As soon as I returned to Sanctuary my game crashed and gave me this error code.


Now, every time I try to load the save it shows the Sanctuary loading screen and will finish loading and I can see the hud, but then it crashes with the same error code before anything else loads. I created a new character and that worked fine and I could load into it perfectly. Is the save corrupted and if so is it fixable? Thanks.

Update: I updated my drivers and ran the game, and I was able to load in and move for a split second before running into the same error. After updating my drivers my Wallpaper Engine had an error and asked for a computer restart so I restarted and tried BL3 once again and it managed to open the save seemingly fine? I could travel and such and was able to load in locations normally. I’ll continue playing and hopefully not run into more issues.

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