Bl3 crashing over and over

Bl3 crashed so much at random times that last night when it crashed I got the blue screen of death from windows. That comp is sent out for repair. Moved over to another comp today and 15 minutes into playing…more blue screen. This time I was able to reboot. Three more crashes in the span of an hour. I’m afraid to keep playing in fear of something else breaking. I know it seems wierd but I can’t be the only one. All my software and hardware is up to date.

Same… it´s crashed 8-10 times the last days … before way less

Are you sure your hardware is ok?

Test it with prime95/furmark first. Your computer should be able to work 24/7 without crashing under high load. BSOD is clearly hardware fault, otherwise OS would just thrown an exception and continue to work.

I can now confirm using logic that this a Bl3 issue. Playing on a second computer and still having the same blue screen of death issues. I even turned down settings to see if that helped. This doesn’t happen in any other game I play.

First comp is an I9-9900k with 32G RAM@4000MHz and 2080GPU.
Second compis an I7-6700kOC with16G RAM@2800MHz and 2080GPU.

Both of these systems should have no issue running BL3. Once again, I have no issues in any other game I play. This all started after the latest patch.

My first comp is under warranty and is being sent out for repair. Looks like a RAM failure but we’ll see.

Brain farting right now but I use the application on Steam to load test my comp. 1rst comp has a score over 11k and second is between 7-8k I believe.

Mine crashed on startup. I get the small picture of the four amigos then nothing. Epic says its running, but does not appear in Task Manager. Need to reboot. Is this Epics problem or gearbox?

same for me… since the last patch

its doing the same thing to me on ps4. only started after the new update came out.