BL3 day 30 patch?

I just read about this on Twitter but no idea what is in it besides screen shot thing and Twitch echocast thing. Are consoles in such a bad state in BL3 that they have a big patch planned for a month after launch instead of hot fixes?

Oh my…

Been playing for about 2 hours on Xbox. Seems fine to me, haven’t ran into any noteworthy issues so far in regards to performance. I think the day 30 patch is just to add in a few features that they could only add on PC at release, like EchoCast support for streamers.

Ditto. My guess is it’s a mix of features that were planned by not fully ready when the game went gold, and anything they can deal with that crops up in the first week or so of release. That is JUST a guess though, so don’t take my word on it.

Consoles do have problems. not much though. there is some lag, but its a games at release.

See the “tech issues” forum. There is actually a bit on all platforms.

Most games have a big patch planned for after release. It’s par for the course these days. The game plays great, but when you go from a beta to a full release, things creep up. It can’t be helped.

Game of this scope, I expected the necessity for patching.

For single player, perhaps true, but co-op, the bread-and-butter of this series… Again local co-op is omitted from PC, and as for consoles…

Extreme lag, to the point of being unplayable, even on performance mode. Plus, complete lack of vertical split screen, a staple of the series for modern widescreen displays. Horizontal split on 4k is 3840x1080, more than 3x the width as height. It’s just silly compared to a vertical split at 1920x2160 which is nearly square.

Being able to patch a game does not excuse releasing an unfinished game.

Edit: user score speaks…


Not to mention can’t even read the texts, just got to go by the ranking of the gear because it is the only number visible and the shape of the weapon.

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The item pictures are also glitching so I cant even go bu that. For some reason, some items have the wrong photo (only experiencing in co-op).
Ex: picture is of a shield but it is a shotgun, or display is an AR but it is a grenade mod. It can be confusing when trying to buy/sell items.

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When second player is looking at a weapon, the pop up seriously goes off their screen and covers first player.

Major frame drops on both graphics settings.

Text is WAY too small (at least on split screen)

Audio glitches a ton.


Can’t see xp numbers, only a bar when you kill something.

Sometimes when selling weapons, the image or text on items gets mixed up. Like it’ll SAY it’s a grenade but it’ll show a different item in your inventory. So you need to back out and go back in.

If the other player is in the menu, each movement in the menu causes a stutter on the other players screen.

Mission way points don’t always show on the main map, only on the mini map.

Cut scenes are second player audio most of the time, even when initiated by player 1.

sometimes things would stick on my screen like weapon icons or item description over lays. I would have to pause it and resumes to get rid of it.


yeah i’ve noticed this in solo - shotguns with a machine gun image, shields with class mod images and vice versa - wonder when they’ll patch that

Also I know ps4 is having frame drops when using grenades like stormfront or audio cutting out and not playing, same for even its subtitles.

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Lets see here. loss of bank items, random crashing, loss of all sound except ambient, follow quest people freeze ( almost every time for me), the list goes on, but those are the main issues im experiencing

A lot of this has been mentioned here already, but I wanted an all-inclusive lists of bugs I’ve personally experienced and some quality of life requests.
XBOX ONE || Single-player and multiplayer


  • Game crashes constantly.

  • Game saves can be inconsistent which is further nerve-wracking after a game crash.

  • Mantling can be inconsistent, sometimes it is difficult to get the character to engage the ledge even when it is clearly able to be climbed. Both in regular and automatic mantling modes.


  • The volume difference between ECHO logs and in-game dialogue is drastic. When the volume is up high enough to hear the in-game dialogue, the ECHO logs are unbearably loud, and when turned down to accommodate the ECHO, in-game dialogue is a murmur.

  • This includes when you walk away from dialogue and it goes to ECHO, it becomes too loud.

  • Audio overlaps of character call-outs, or NPC interactions can cut into mission dialogue and interfere with story immersion.


  • Items/characters disappearing and having to be reloaded. It’s happened at least three times where a critical mission item or NPC is just not there and the game must be reloaded.


  • Include an option to increase UI size as in splitscreen it is impossible to read mission text, menu text, health/exp, etc.

  • Including vertical split screen would also help this issue a lot.

  • Frame-rate drops drastically when another player is in a menu.

  • Item stat cards, ammo and gun symbols will sometimes stick on screen and will not go away until you enter the menu or hover over another item.

  • Item pictures and stats are often mixed up. The wrong image is attached to another item, or stats don’t reflect the correct item selected.


  • A ‘pick up and mark as trash’ option for item collection to ease the organization of selling guns. It can be tedious to have to go through and mark everything as trash, especially when that menu time means lag for the other player in co-op.

  • More vending machines. In many maps there is only one single location for vending machines and the maps can be quite expansive. This isn’t a need, but would definitely add a lot more convenience and peace of mind in-game. Vending machines have always been ubiquitous in previous games, I’m unsure of why they are so limited now.

  • More options for inventory sorting, especially sorting by price (not by score). Due to earlier mentioned lack of vendors, there’s a lot of swapping items for other items when inventory is full. If this inventory management aspect is what you’re going for, then please make it easier to do that. Sort by type with clear tabbed sections (SMG, Rockets, Shields, etc) as it used to be, same with by brand, and sorting by price would help with easily marking things for trash or swapping for a better item.

  • Gaurdian Rank. Why take away the Badass Rank and implement Guardian rank which is only available after completing the 1st playthrough? Not every player replays the game. Friends that I play with are more ‘one and done’ and are disappointed at the loss of this feature. And I myself miss being able to see those ranks unlock and look at the various challenges.


This is a great list.

One thing that I would add under “AUDIO”: Reduce sound of DoT pain grunts and screams that characters make, and/or create a separate volume toggle so that DoT pain sounds can be reduced and do not affect “dialogue”.

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So what happen with this patch? Its past the 30 day mark but still no echo cast or screenshot function for consoles.

I want to ad some to the bugfix list:

  • Game freezes randomly

  • More options to rebind all hotkeys (espacially ptt hotkey)

  • Option to skip the cutscenes

  • Graphic settings won’t be saved (every gamestart graphic settings were resetted)

  • Network performance / Matchmaking

This is my wishlist for the day40+ patch.