Bl3 Dead already?

I have sat in a social matchmaking season for over an hour trying to find campaign / maliwan takedown / proving grounds.

I cannot find a single game I’ve tried with different characters at different stages of the campaign. Nothing. I have fiber optic internet with a ping of 40 to 60. There should be no reason why I cannot find the game unless the ■■■■■ dead.

Also has anyone else noticed that bl3 runs like ■■■■ ? I get lag even on ultra low settings and I have a RTX 2060.

Every other game I can run maxed out and get 200-300fps.

Maybe I can’t find a game because the server is updating ?

Just a theory, but 1) if your in the US, most people are probably at work/school, and 2) there isn’t much content besides Takedown/Campaign/PGs that people haven’t already done…

If you’re lookin for players, better to do it on these forums or discord…I play everyday if you want to add me: WxndaBread

Welcome to the BL3 forums BTW

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