Bl3 dead multiplayer

So game launched Sept 2019 and now Nov 2021 and its servers are still garbage and dead, what went wrong and will it be same in Wonderland.

Diablo 3 May 2012 still very active online.

GTA 5 Sept 2013 mental on servers

Destiny 2 Aug 2017 slated but still pulls em in

How did GBX make such a mess of this and why do they chose to just bury their heads in the sand and ignore the fact they are no longer AAA quality?

Shame on them for letting this happen and yes i personally feel Wonderlands will follow suit :frowning:


Well for starters I would say the console community isn’t that great because BL3 crashes consoles when they attempt multiplayer.


I’m actually having more luck lately finding games.

I’m not sure if there is anything to this, but I have found that if you are playing with randos using matchmaking, you almost always can find a game by selecting “Campaign.” If you select any of the other 3, you likely will not be able to find a game.

Has anyone else found this to be the case? Maybe this is something everyone else already knows.


Because this game is stupidly easy and that makes it just not fun.

On top of that, the multi-player (though i never touched it) in this game looks absolutely horrible… And like i said in the first point… Why would i want to play with other people when you can easily wreck endgame.

BL3 is just a sub-par game imho…


GTA 5 will still be a thing in 2025, it will outlive the PS5/XBsX.


TL/DR: GBX didnt just drop the ball on this one, they deflated it and part of the community helped.


Things were ok-ish pre M2.0. There were connection issues and the absence of server browser was a bummer. Still, it was fairly easy to find players and there were only 4 Mayhem levels and the game was balanced enough that if you played coop you didn’t have one player doing all the killing.

Come M2.0 the matchmaking design took a nose dive with 10 Mayhem levels and you had to swap between them if you couldn’t find a match in one. Still, this was around DLC2 and cartel event so there was still plenty excitement to be had. The connection issues on all platforms still persisted.

A while later, after users reported that they didnt like having to swap between mayhem levels, one GENIUS implemented a feature where as long as you are ON mayhem, you can get matched with player of ANY mayhem. So you had mayhem 10 players getting matched with mayhem 1. Naturally it made the game boring for both parties and discouraged online play with randoms. This change also seemed to go under the radar with the reddit sub because even now, when someone asks why matchmaking is ■■■■■, they list that there are too many matchmaking options (which hasn’t been a thing for about a year).

From here on, GBX did nothing to improve matchmaking design or coop balance and considering my last point, it may be for the best.

Sadly, part of the community added fuel to the fire. From the release day players (at least on the reddit sub) were very vocal about keeping their games closed due to modders.

I’ve met about a dozen modders throughout the two years and only one or two were problematic. The rest were friendly and were happy to use proper guns in coop. The last time I had real fun in this game was when o joined a modded lobby in which all enemies had raid level health and all loot was world drops (including data mined stuff). THAT was mayhem. Cherry on top, he was a friendly player.

More often than not, the following player behaviour was observable:

  1. getting kicked right on join
  2. getting friendly fired with a rocket launcher (almost always Zanes, for some reason) - on purpose. There’s no way to mistake being tea bagged.
  3. player AFK
  4. player leaves game on public but facing bosses (killing within seconds) then quitting
  5. player quitting right as you join

Pair the bad design with connection issues, slow load times, community not wanting to play with randoms, balance that allows one player to erase a raid Boss in under 10 seconds and I’m left wondering why they’d bother introducing coop function at all. It’s amazing the current community events are getting completed.


In the end only GTD and TMTD where somewhat fun to play for me :pensive:

GTD i hated for the longest time (dying and repeating the whole thing for a stupid mistake really made it unappealing) though i quickly enjoyed the difficulty and because of that got passed the mistakes.

Everything else was just boring and easy… Artificially limiting myself by not using legendaries got destroyed with M2.0

Difficulty or rather lack off ultimately pushed me away… Playing D2 again (D2R) is just a as fun as i remember it. And FC6 has all the looty shooty goodness i want, both game have what i wanted from BL3


Agreed on GTD. Playing that was a nice change of pace because barely anyone from my friends wanted to play it so finding a coop game there was refreshing for a while.

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Interesting discussions above but experience has shown that gbx simply doesnt care.


This hits the nail right on the had GBX simply dont care, so why would any gamer in their right mind even consider doing it all again in Wonderlands?

I think a big issue is that even the forums are quiet these days and that gamers need a bigger platform to warn other gamers about garbage developers that just dont care. You see until it hits them where it hurts (poor sales) they will never listen to us or even care.


I am a Steam player, so I came into the game, and back to the forums only after I completed my first play through in June 2020. At that point it become clear to me that most of the complaints about the game that had to do with technical issues were aimed squarely at changes that happened after Mayhem 2.0 and the game launching on Steam.

Here’s an insidious thought:

What if the move to test, and ultimately destabilize certain aspects of the game is directly related to the Epic Games exclusivity ending?

What if Wonderlands will have a relatively stable launch after a few early patches and work as intended on higher end systems on all available platforms until it’s available on Steam, and they begin playing with the meta and testing features that might break certain parts of the game?

More concisely, what if the long game is to paint a better picture of the Epic Games platform and push the fan base from wanting a Steam release at all?

I know it seems out there, but I guess we’ll see with Wonderlands since it will be following the same exclusivity timing as far as I can tell.

I installed Epic to join some friends in playing Fortnite for a stream. The constant updates and resource hog launcher put me off playing that game or using that launcher ever again. It’s all been uninstalled. I don’t own consoles, so if Epic is the preferred delivery method for Gearbox games in the future I’ll just read plot synopsis’s on wikipedia. I won’t even contribute to the game economy by viewing videos or social media.

The fact that the Krieg DLC is still broken on the Saphire Run is an advert to everyone what to expect in any future releases from this developer!!


Completely. Take something as basic as DLC not working properly or at all on your Epic purchase if you lose net connectivity.
Or the complete lack of pretty much any QoL feature we’ve gotten used to with Steam, seeing that they’re buried under a crossroads along with the rest of Epic’s ‘roadmap’ to becoming something marginally better than they are.

There’s no way to remedy Epic being an inferior platform until they themselves decide that’s what they want to do - for GBX or any other dev to actively nuke their own content in order to put a hit on Steam is completely outlandish.

GBX crashed and burned the game with M 2.0 on their own merit; at least do them the courtesy of placing the blame where it belongs rather than dream up schemes on Epic’s behalf which - coincidentally - would be insidious enough that nobody except yourself has even entertained the idea as far as I’m aware.


The real question of the day is… will Maurice’s Community Challenge #3 ever be completed? Could 65,000 Takedowns have been a bit too ambitious, I wonder?

My two cents, Epic games store isn’t THAT bad. I run a i9-9900k, asus tuf 3080 and a 2TB m2 SSD, and 2 1 TB 2.5" SSDs. Things a beast but I have steam,, epic, and ubisoft. Stuff runs smooth, but I don’t typically have them running all at the same time. Anything that’s not steam usually runs for as long as the game thats on that launcher. Just felt like the epic launcher gets more flak for what it is rather than what it deserves.

Also, I thought it was hard to find a match PRIOR to this event. Haven’t tried lately, but my last multiplayer experience was running wotan with a big fat cheater who ran all the way up to the wotan boss room and then afk’d, so we had a 3v1 fair fight against wotan and won. But after that que I couldn’t find another haha

it doesn’t bother me one bit :rofl:

i actualy hate Uplay but even that doesn’t bother me all that much…

i have a pretty big steam library and epic is just filled with all the weekly free games (and BL3) Origin also is a thing (not installed currently) wich i needed for dragon age (again, just a PITA to have it installed to play a game you bought on steam but other then that… no probs)

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Huh. The only time I ever have fun with co-op is either on non-mayhem campaigns (though the buffed weapons tend to creep up on that) or Arms Race. In fact I consistently got games on Arms Race more than anything else.

People can say whatever they want about the mode, at least there we’re all on an even playing field.


We played Arms Race with the same mod but it also removed (or severily slowed down) the murdercane. Fun times.

I got no issues with the Murdercane myself, but lucky.

A whole arena of mooks standing in your way from sweet instruments of death, with only random loot drops and your teammate(s) to rely on within the eye of a murderously hungry supernatural storm.

I like the risk. It’s just unfortunate that the disparity between the danger of all that and nearly everything else in the game is so damn huge.

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Would’ve been awesome if we got more maps (and more dedicated gear) with this mod. Just one map gets old quickly but agreed on the fact that this is the only place in the game where balance is fair.

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