BL3 Diamond Collector's Edition PC issue

hey, i just received the PC edition of the game. All the physical stuff is great. BUT i only got the original edition despite it saying super deluxe everywhere.

Is this an error on their side or have other people got this error for the diamond PC version?

If you go to the Borderlands 3 page on the Epic Game Store and scroll down to the “Editions” section, it should say “owned” on all three editions (regular, deluxe, super deluxe). Does yours only show the regular as owned?

Yup, only the regular is owned. That’s my problem :frowning:

Oof, I think the only thing to do is contact 2K support then. They probably printed the wrong code. Hope they can help you with that

yh i sent an email and will see, i knew something was off when i couldnt get my butt stallion :frowning: not gonna say d1 ruined coz of enjoyed the game alot :slight_smile: but i still want what i paid for.

Any news yet?

Got a reply but to no avail. They just sent me the wrong edition but claim I need to input the code in the in game code entry.
I am missing the DLC’s all the super deluxe stuff like butt stallion skin etc…
I only received the gold wep skin which was the preorder extra from GAME
( again it’s PC VERSION, I only ask coz if it is the same with other PC people then I gotta sort it elsehow)

Yeah Im having the same issue

Update, they came back saying to contact my provider who told me to contact them. This is some unfair shady business on treating the PC community like ****. This is not unheard of where there is never physical editions for PC, only the consoles get stuff, and they are refusing to give us, the consumer what we paid for.

Sorry for spam, final update. Apparently us UK PC users, this isnt an error and they were not selling the diamond collectors edition. they were just selling the lootcrate + the base game. a mask was meant to compensate for this bs?

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