BL3 digital key from gamersgate can i pre load it?

So i bought a BL3 SUPER DL Edition from Gamersgate.
But not directly from Epic store. The key will be reveal on 13 sep. But im confused gearbox said that you can pre load the game 48 hours before the game release.
So why gamersgate still release the key on 13 sep?

I would guess that it’s simply how their distribution network is set up. If the key is actually shipped with the physical collectables and arrives on the 11th or 12th, you could try entering it straight away. Did they say how they were going to reveal the key?

They say that ''The activation key(s) will be available
13 Sep 07:00

Then I guess that’s just how Gamersgate are doing things - sorry.

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What time zone? Thanks

I’m living in thailand. Its about 06:00 in the morning

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