BL3 DLC Ideas and more

Is it okay that I may post some great ideas for BL3 in a BL2 forum?

You wouldn’t be the first. My only real hope for BL3 is, if Pickle from TPS is in it that he DIES! Preferably in a horrific manner. I hate him, and all thieves, with a passion. You listening Gearbox? Fking kill the lil turd!

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Use this thread for your ideas!

Desires For Borderlands 3

I meant ideas for dlc, not specifically changes.

It would be interesting if Gearbox make a campaign DLC that introduces a new gun manufacturer that comes along with a new set of guns.

An Axton dlc where you help him fight Sarah? and it has a hilarious ending with them reuniting (too much?)

I got a feeling that Gearbox would include their story quests in the main game.

And I have some more ideas on the campaign DLCs:

  1. Mad Moxxi’s Abusement Park of the Sadistic Delight/ Glee
  • Pandoran amusement park for psychos, sadists and murderers.
  • Consists of mini games like go-kart death race, whack-a-midget, strongman game that launches a tied midget to the top of the tower, and more.
  1. MOBA Parody DLC

  2. Jurassic Park/ World Parody DLC

  • The Vault Hunter is invited to the park as Hammerlock’s plus-one before the grand opening.
  • Things goes south as a hyper-lethal and intelligent genetic experiment has escaped from a not-so secluded and heavily fortified containment.
  • Vault Hunter and Hammerlock must venture through various zones of the park to hunt that creature.
  • After the DLC campaign, the Vault Hunter will have to kill another genetic experiment which is a raid boss for the DLC’s endgame.

Alright, moving on with my dlc ideas:

DLC1: Moxxi’s Underdome 2.0

“Crash-landing a spaceship must be hard, both physically and mentally. So why not come on down to the Underdome (Which totally isn’t the Torgue Arena with more decorations] and enjoy the new gear, kill some bandits, and of course, the healthy dose of innuendo.”

DLC2: The Wild West (courtesy of Jakobs) DLC

“YEEEE-HAW…before you can turn away from the city to spare yourself the laughter, it’s too late. Around 200 people surround you, and need your help. On the upside: we got new gear (not just from Jakobs), new enemies, a Raid Boss that’ll probably split your head in half with a single bullet, and guess what? Mechanical Horses.”

I’ll have to continue this when I get home…