BL3 DLC4 Can't progress map past Locomobius

Needing to return to Sapphire’s run to complete King Krieg mission after defeating Locomobius all I can do is go through the white door with chests and return to Psychoscape and not forward to the end of the map. There doesn’t seem to be any other exit in the Locomobius den

Side mission is available after you finish that Story mission, then you need to re-run pretty much the whole map.

Thx. Yes I’ve got the mission unlocked, killed Locomobius but can’t exit the den forwards, which is odd as I did on my first run to unlock theission. I’ve tried killing locomobius slowly and farming it in case of a bug there but still no joy…

So you have the side mission active and you are stuck in the boss arena, is that right? Save&quit will spawn you before that, so you should be able to run back to the side quest marker.

Saved & quit after killing locomobius but the only way forward is thru the white doors appearing after Locomobius dies which either return me straight back to the boss’s den or back to Psychoscape/beginning of the map

Since you can fast travel from anywhere, just go to start of the map. Yes, it’s not the most efficient, but that’s how side missions frequently are.

Also, you don’t need to get to Locomobius den for that mission, it’s a couple of areas before that.

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Thx - the layout of the map gives the impression it’s past Locomobius not before - I’ll head back then

Mostly, the quest boss area will be the last one on the map regardless of layout, and a lot of them do indeed prevent direct back-tracking. The fast-travel tip above is good for some of the remaining main DLC quests/maps as well.

Here is a way to get pass the second glitch ramp