BL3 Eats CPU and GPU while Minimized

Wow, this is nuts. Even though Borderlands 3 is minimized (running Windowed on Win 10 x64 multi-monitor system), it’s eating 25% of my CPU and 99% of my GPU. Bogs down the whole system.

Definitely needs to be fixed ASAP. The game will burn out video cards at this rate.

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I’ve never seen a game do this before. I have a very powerful system and when the game is minimized, everything else slows to a crawl. Put it toward the top of the list to fix please.

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Yah this is a big problem because it causes excessive heat on the GPU (and bogs down the system). This is a known “big no no” in PC development. Gearbox needs to fix this ASAP.

Bumping. Serious issue. 99% GPU and 25% CPU usage while MINIMIZED.

Another bump. I guarantee this is destroying people’s video cards (those who leave the game in minimized mode overnight or all day long). BIG ISSUE that was NOT fixed in the latest patch.

Open the map before you tab out/minimize.

That lowers is to 35%/35%, but the reality is players shouldn’t have to switch to map mode to leave the client running and 98% of all players won’t do that anyway.

This is a HUGE technical flaw with the client, and probably one of the biggest “do NOT do this” rules of development. Gearbox needs to fix this ASAP.

Ran into this same issue because I was looking for the reason that Chrome is nearly unusable with Borderlands 3 minimized… The reason is the game indeed completely maxes out the GPU while it’s minimized. I even tried to set a framerate limit with Rivatuner. That does lower the GPU usage while I’m playing, but as soon as I alt-tab it spikes back up to 100% again.
The map trick is a nice workaround and I guess I will be using that for now, but really this is a bug and it should be looked at. I guess you guys still have your hands full, but it would be nice if it eventually got fixed. Not too worried about my own GPU as my case is well ventilated, but as Moogy says this is just bad coding.
And I think games that make your system less usable while they’re still open in the background will make people play them less (especially because the game does take some time to start), which makes them less likely to buy DLC. So there’s your monetary justification for fixing it :wink:

Yup. I’ve stopped playing BL3 “in part” because of this problem. Love how nobody from Gearbox comes in and comments either on one of the biggest technical blunders a company can make. This issue can literally cause damage to a computer when an unsuspecting gamer forgets they minimized it overnight (or longer) and are in a “hot environment” (tropics, etc.). Then again it’s been well over a month and all we’re seeing are little ad-hoc “hotfixes”. I have to say, from a technical perspective, Gearbox is behaving more like a clueless startup than an established company that knows how to manage a multi-platform distributed AAA game. :frowning:

Two workarounds for this. Either set to windowed/windowed full screen, or set ingame fps limit to 60 or smoothed 62. Uncapped fps/custom cap/or nvidia cap will make the gpu go 100% when you alt+tab.

Not sure if its poor optimization but Ive tried everything… this game is hard to play with constant frame drops. Lowest settings and lowering resolution doesnt fix. Only game in my library that does this. Ultra is never an issue for me.


Of course this circumvents my 144Hz refresh monitor’s performance. I’ve also tried running in Windowed Full-Screen and didn’t notice any difference; but setting the max FPS would probably impact things - but at that point we’re just slowing the rendering down for all gameplay just so it doesn’t eat our GPU both during play and when it doesn’t have focus.

IMO this emphasizes the absurdity of this problem and the fact that Gearbox needs to fix this issue immediately. Sadly we’re coming up on - what - 6 weeks since release - with no addressing this issue or even anyone from Gearbox acknowledging it’s a problem.


Gearbox patch this so fast you can. If my 1080 graphics card dies i know why. I mean srsly, the release was 13. September 2019 and nothing happend since. I have a 95% GPU usage if BL3 is minimized and i cant use Firefox at the same time. Every video stream (twitch) is stuttering. This is ridiculous!

When it comes to Gearbox, the lights are on but nobody is home. This is one of the most egregious errors a game development company can make, because this issue causes real damage to real property (the GPU). I’m sure people have lost their GPUs in hot environments due to this problem (and probably didn’t even know it). There is absolutely no excuse for this harmful and hardware-melting problem. Of course, no comment from anyone at Gearbox even though this issue was reported NEARLY TWO MONTHS AGO. Despicable.

There’s a band-aid workaround: Open your map before minimizing the game. The in-game map is much less graphics-intensive than the inventory or even the ESC menu. This obviously doesn’t excuse the ridiculous programming flaw at the core of the matter, but it’s been helpful to me.

Honest question: why are you leaving yourself ingame and having BL3 minimised? Have you tried any other graphics mode (borderless windows, for example)?

If you’ll allow me to answer, and I understand your question correctly, there are dozens of possible reasons. I might want to tab out because I need to look something up in my browser, or because I want to take a short break to eat something and watch a video on YouTube. In those cases, I usually don’t want to lose my current area-clearing progress, plus I prefer to avoid the load time of having to start up the game again. One of the biggest advantages of PC gaming over consoles, to me, is the ability to minimize whatever game I’m playing and quickly switch to a different task.

Why are you doing this?
I’ve noticed this issue as well, but I just realized I shouldn’t do other stuff with BL3 running.
Have you tried what happens if you’re fullscreen mode?

Yeah no, absolutely understand the use case. It’s precisely why I have borderless windowed - that way it isn’t minimised, and doesn’t run into the same performance issues you have. You can alt-tab programs in front if you only have one monitor, and the program still isn’t technically minimised.

I’m not saying this is “the” fix, but it would definitely help.

I believe that switching from fullscreen to borderless didn’t noticeably affect CPU/GPU usage when I tested it. But that was about one month ago. I might be remembering wrong, or the patch(es) might have changed the situation. I should probably give it another try.