BL3 enemy movement and respawns

As I’m alternating between replaying BL1 and playing BL2 something came to mind.
Enemy movement and respawning, and I’m wondering how BL3 will go, and what you would like.
Enemy movement is the first. In BL1 enemies (particularly human ones) move a lot, back and forth, forward and back, not staying still or on a particular line for very long (except Bruisers) . BL2 they are not as active. Obviously for a sniper-loving player like me BL2 is “easier” because they’re not constantly in motion, but BL1 can be interesting to snipe because you’re trying to anticipate the next move. Wonder what BL3 will be?
The second is area respawns. The respawn timer in BL1 is clearly much shorter than the one in BL2. Take the Tetanus Warrens as an example; Clear all the spirants as you go in, kill King WeeWee, then walk back out and the spiderants will respawn and greet you again. Take a map in BL2, lets say the Bloodshot stronghold, and you can clear the map and run back and forth many times before the mobs respawn. You can even leave the area (like turning in Dam Fine and picking up Splinter Group) and return and the baddies will not reappear.
The BL1 way actually causes me to save/quit to exit a one-way map, where in BL2 I would feel comfortable running back. Of course BL2 has few places (if any, I’m actually not sure I can think of one you have to re-traverse except for one or two in the Badass Crater) where you do have to run back, but it does have re-enter an area for a new mission maps.
I don’t know which I prefer. Just interesting to talk about.

I don’t know about that. In BL2 everyone is an acrobat, rolling and dodging. They will also back peddle half was across the map. Heck even the wildlife will dodge and move out of the way from gunfire. But BL2 does have those enemies that will camp forever behind cover and I hate that.


But, in my experience, in a much more predictable way than in BL1. In one you don’t know where the heck that reaver is going to go next, in 2 the logic of the AI and enemy movement is much more based on what I’d consider real reactions. I can predict where a marauder is probably going to go next. In BL1 I’m guessing.

I’m here to shoot things that have a face(spores, you get a pass), not navigate menus. If i can stay in a session for a long time without opening the ESC menu, I’m a happy guy. I prefer more active spawns. There are some points where slow/no spawns would fit, like a sombre moment in the story, but most of the time let’s have a reason to fire those guns.

BL1 enemy movement can be sorta janky, but it’s more obvious the AI is dancing around and towards you. Some BL2 AI habits are so set on going to “spot 23” waaay the hell over there it can take away from the fight.

I wish the mobs would flank us like those aliens did in Half-Life. They could even open doors to get after you! That terrified me when I first played it. I am hoping that the enemy AI will be a bit more clever this time around. B1 was okay, but BL2 mobs won’t let you kite them, they just run back to their stupid camp and wait for you like nothing happened. That kind of behaviour always takes away from immersion for me.

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