BL3 Feedback (Mostly UI related)

Not sure how often Gearbox checks these forums, but just wanted to weigh in on some suggestions for changes/improvements to the game I’ve noticed early on. For context, I am Level 13 at Chapter 7, so fairly early on in the game still.

Improve PS4 Pro frame rate consistency, especially in menus
I’ve been playing in Resolution mode, and don’t hit 30fps all that consistently it feels like. Menus especially are sluggish to move around.

Add Vertical Split-screen
Haven’t even played split-screen yet but I heard about this. Huge surprise considering it was in previous games. Horizontal split on a 16:9 display would make text and details nearly impossible to read and see. This is critical

Remove or Option to Remove spinning animation for $ values.
The menu UI is a bit sluggish as is, and having to wait to quickly browse values due to an artificial component is a bit annoying

Show or Option to Show ammunition name types + quantity when picked up
I honestly can’t tell what ammo I’m picking up anymore. It doesn’t seem to be as clear as BL2 to me, so having a UI component to confirm what I have gotten via drops would be nice.

Show all ammo types when in the ammo shop
If I don’t want to buy all, having to scroll ammo by ammo types to see what I need is a bit annoying. Along those lines adding a BUY ALL option for specific ammo types would speed things up a bit as well.

Show inactive quest objectives on map
I historically in BL have opened the map and gone through different missions to see what is on the way or closest. This has always been a bit of a pain, and I couldn’t really find a way to see other missions or switch missions from within the map. Inactive objectives could be a different color to help distinguish them from the active objective.

At the end of the day, when it comes to menus and UI, I want to be able to move through and cycle through items nearly as quick as I can think. Unfortunately many times it seems that I am having to wait for stylistic reasons. Even if it were to come at the cost of resolution or FX for the menu system, I’d be all for it.