BL3 game keeps crashing when loading into the game

I have had this scenario happen with two seperate save files now:
I play the game fore a couple hours every day, nothing special happens and everything is as it should be. then suddenly at some point, game freezes and crashes. so i restart the game, load into the main menu no problem, click on continue game but then as soon as my character is loaded in, it just crashes immediately and it will keep doing that from that point onward.
The thing is though, when i switched characters (so loading a different save file) it didn’t crash at all and played like normal. but now, when i load into that save file, the same exact thing happens, making the game effectively unplayable for me.

This is a screenshot of the error message i get whenever the game crashes:

I have tried many different things but i cant find a way to fix this and i haven’t been able to find any other cases of this exact error anywhere on the internet so far.

If anyone could help me figure out what is causing this and/ or how to fix the problem, i would very much appreciate it.