BL3 Golden Key limit?

BL2 has a limit of 255 Golden Keys.

Any idea of the limit of BL3 Golden Keys?

I have over a billion so not sure if there is a limit. Whatever integer value they use before it causes overflow XD (which makes sense why previous one was 255).


I’m assuming you have perfect gear then?

SIgh. I’m jealous.

Nah there will always be more gear to farm. I barely use the keys anyways I prefer to farm maps/bosses.

You are jealous that he blatantly cheated and is basically bragging about it, ok sure.

I’m jealous he has the ability to get good gear for any character he wants, yes. I’d love to be able to try every build with every character without spending my life farming gear…

I still have to farm the gear, nothing fundamentally changed for me outside of having more keys.

How do u get more keys i used the 6 codes they have out. But how do i get more

Indeed…I feel like they have released a total of 10 keys total. Guess it’s too early…

I’m guessing the max value of golden keys is 4,294,967,295. (max value of an unsigned integer) :thinking: not exactly sure how important that is tho…