BL3 Golden Keys...A quick question

Will golden keys from BL2 transfer to BL3?
I had 130+ keys and now I’m down to about 90 and thought maybe I should hold on to these in case I could use them in BL3. Can anyone confirm this?

Unlikely. They didn’t transfer between that and TPS, or the BL1 Remaster.

Too bad. I’ll just continue to burn my keys in BL2 then.

I doubt they will simply because BL1, BL2, and TPS have separate buy buttons in the VIP store.

Yes it would be nice though if they just had a universal Golden Key pool that every game pulled from. However if they did that and combined pools to make that universal pool people like me would have around 500-600 keys at BL3 launch cause I really haven’t been using them in the current games.