BL3 Golden Keys

When are golden keys coming to BL3? Anybody know? PAX maybe?


Probably after launch.

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Most likely. It would be nice if they threw some at us to start saving up.

They did. In the Early Adopter pack, there’s 5 B3 Golden Keys.

This ^. Also a reason why I am hesitant to spend any VIP points on BL3 weapons - in BL2 one golden key was good for 2 purple guns at your level, so…

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BL3 gold chest has more than that. Each time I’ve seen it, it had 6-8 weapons/shields/mods and they can give legendaries now, too.

I wonder if you might be offered an option to use multiple keys in order to increase the odds of better loot.

If in BL3 one golden key translates into as many as 6-8 items, then I suspect golden keys are much more valuable now. I’m also curious how much will they cost in VIP points…

Based on what I saw the gold chest in bl3 has more items however the main center area is the only one that has guns. The side panels appear to have class mods, shields, or grenades.

Probably 1500 for 10, same as the other Borderlands games. Dunno yet.

I’m saving my 20k points on ViP just for keys. They might add that function after game release or few days before. I dunno.

A new key code just came out today during the borderlands show at around 11 am pdt I believe (dont quote me on the time). Randy Pitchford tweeted about it a few days ago.

they have already given out like 15 golden keys since launch last week…follow thier twitter pages and your will know when they are giving codes out

or you could just play the game and FIND loot lol…keys dont guarentee legendarys

Ya Im with you honestly, I would get more loot just from farming bosses for about 2-3 minutes than I would get from going though the process of finding the key code, entering the key code, and leaving my farm spot to go open the chest. I find it pretty hard to justify going for golden keys from an objective viewpoint. Id open them purely just for fun :slight_smile:

well its really just lazy people that want loot handed to them instead of grinding for it…i saw some troll on twitter the other day whining about when are we gonna get shift codes i was like dude they gave out shift codes friday saturday and sunday of the games release date weekend i was like what u expect a code everyday he was like yea…can u say lazy ass lmao

This is a pretty good resource for codes :slight_smile:

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New key from that link. Thanks!


Lol really? I never though of that… Sorry for trying to spend MINE points for something I WANT.
I played previous borderlands for over 600 hours. Please don’t tell me I’m “lazy”.

Another from that Twitter. Expires in 1 hour. Hurry!


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i wasnt calling you lazy PERSONALLY i was referring to all the trolls on twitter crying about shift codes every 5 mins lol