BL3 Gun/Item Counts: Over a billion?

It’s a question which pops up with any new Borderlands game: how many guns are there in the game? Gearbox has said “over one billion” in the past – is it true? Can we believe anything in this crazy, mad world?

Well, spoiler alert: depending on what you’re willing to consider a “different” gun, you can certainly get over the one billion mark. I wrote some code to go through BL3’s data, pull out information about gun/item partlists and parts, and calculate just how many combinations there were of everything. Given the scale of the data here, I’ve obviously not hand-checked everything, but so far everything I’ve hand checked seems to match, so I don’t think these numbers are too far off.

One note: this code does not consider a Level 20 gun different from a Level 30 gun, if all the parts are the same, so if you want to include levelling in here as well, then you’re welcome to multiply these numbers as appropriate. For guns, shields, and grenades, I did two separate counts: one which ignores anointments, and one which includes them. To break the billion mark, you’ve got to include anointments; otherwise it looks like you’re still stuck in the tens of millions. For some values of “stuck” of course. That’s still a lot of guns.

The numbers:

  • Guns, without anoints: 63,289,011
  • Guns, with anoints: 3,158,365,025
  • Shields, without anoints: 336,586
  • Shields, with anoints: 8,078,041
  • Grenades, without anoints: 125,718
  • Grenades, with anoints: 1,131,382
  • Class Mods: 5,671,081,617
  • Artifacts: 4,568,569

I love the Class Mod number there; it’s a bit insane due to how the skill buffs work. Those partlists are pretty huge, and blow the numbers way up.

Google Sheets with individual numbers per “balance”:

Google Sheets with the parts/weights enumerated, if you wanted to see what exactly’s possible per item:

The sheets also link to the code that I’d used to generate 'em, though they’d require a fair bit of setup to duplicate, since they don’t read out of the .pak files directly (and assume you’re processing on Linux, to boot).

As always with this sort of thing, it’s entirely possible I’ve got errors in there, so if you do see something you think is amiss, feel free to let me know. I’ve found a few errors since I’d originally started looking into these numbers a few weeks ago, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s more to find.


Just for a bit of comparison, too, I’d run these numbers for BL2+TPS awhile ago as well, though just for weapons.

  • Borderlands 2: 2,736,589
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (without luneshine): 16,145,310
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (including luneshine): 34,527,769

So, a definite increase in weapon diversity no matter which way you look at it.

Edit: Now that I look at those TPS numbers again, the with-luneshine count seems way too low, eh? I’d expect that to be at least an order of magnitude bigger than without, wouldn’t you think? Hrm, may have to look at that code again.

Edit: Nah, those numbers are fine. Glitch weapons throw the ratio of luneshine’d-to-not way down, thanks to all the Glitch possibilities.


Is it right now in BL3 or at launch?

Numbers for TPS with Luneshine are to low, that’s for sure.

Those numbers are for right now (ie: including all DLC content, up through the Broken Hearts events – through Feb 13, to be precise). Legendary/Unique “named” gear doesn’t really alter the numbers too much in general, actually – those numbers are pretty well dwarfed by the more “regular” gear. The Broken Hearts gear is like 100% partlocked (apart from anointments), for instance, so that’s just like +3 to the total.

Can you do the math at launch data? Is it possible that GBX false advertise the game even with anointments?

Launch numbers honestly wouldn’t be very much different. I suppose the anointment count would go down a bit, 'cause Maliwan Takedown added a good number of new anointments which can spawn on most equipment. If that did take the count below a billion, though, all they’d have to do is say that they include different-levelled guns as separate guns, and I’m sure that’d push it past that limit again. :slight_smile:

Aha! No, the numbers are good after all. Been too long since I’d looked at that stuff. Glitch guns drown out the difference caused by Luneshine, is what’s going on there. Modified my counting code for that slightly to display running totals; you can see the difference between the with-luneshine and without-luneshine counts suddenly drop, the instant it gets to its first glitch gun:

TPS GD_Cypressure_Weapons.A_Weapons_Unique.SMG_Bandit_3_FastTalker: 47,250
TPS GD_Cypressure_Weapons.A_Weapons_Unique.SMG_Bandit_3_FastTalker: 5,250 (without Luneshine)
Running totals: 1094355, 123141 (8.9x)
TPS GD_Ma_Weapons.A_Weapons.AR_Bandit_6_Glitch: 603,750
TPS GD_Ma_Weapons.A_Weapons.AR_Bandit_6_Glitch: 603,750 (without Luneshine)
Running totals: 1698105, 726891 (2.3x)

So yeah, those numbers are actually just fine. Turns out I knew what I was doing!

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Oh fun - it’s a hoot to actually see the numbers. :laughing:

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I dunno if I’d get too far into the hundreds even.

Well for my point of view it were always pretty obvious that they were considering all combination of parts and it was a marketing argument, concerning actual gameplay feelings maybe there is a thousand of guns? I dunno, it’s not an issue anyway the offer is diverse enough

Oh, for sure – my goal going in wasn’t to try and “prove GBX wrong” or whatever; I’ve always been quite happy with gear variety in Borderlands regardless of the actual counts. I just likes me some numbers, is all. :slight_smile: That said, it was fun to find out that with anointments, at least, their “over a billion” number wasn’t even just hyperbole.