BL3 Has Not Updated Since 12/19/19

My BL3 installation on Xbox One has not updated since 12/19/19. Can someone help me?

That sounds about right. Everything that’s been announced in the News thread since then has been a hotfix, which would not show up as an update or version number change. Your main game should be at version

There’s announcements planned for the Feb 11th Borderlands show, and an update due “sometime in February”. No idea what that is, though.


Seems that context clues indicate the next patch will be after that.

It is not downloading and therefore not installing the hotfixes either.

So what is your current game version? The last update was indeed on the date you mentioned.

You can tell if you have the latest hotfix loaded because, after the sign-in step, if you wait at the main game menu you’ll see the “Hotfix Applied” sign appear (with a sound fx) on the post behind and to the left of your character.