BL3 has ruined revive system

So the thing is, that I have played dozens of hours in BL2 in splitscreen with my GF. Revive system was excelent! You just came to your mate, pressed X and the movement was disabled.

How the hell is possible, that now i cannot reach the pinpoint of X button reviving??? Even when i am really close and trying to aim properly it is not possible many times. It is even worse when there is like 1 or 2 seconds remaining for the other player. And he can move, so if he doesnt know you are trying to help him, he will probably crawl the other way and you cannot reach the button again!!! This is so stupid!!!

I dont uderstand this, beacuse in BL2 it was excellent and I was able to revive in last second with pinpoint accuracy. This is rubbish Gearbox!!!

Maybe tell your GF to not move so mutch?

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Thank you :blush: that will solve everything.

They should make it automatic when standing near a downed friendly. As long as you are not pressing any attack keys (shooting or grenade throwing), your character automatically starts reviving the nearby downed player.

It’s too cumbersome with how exact they require the aiming and with multiplayer lag, it’s sometimes nearly impossible.

I miss phaselock rez.

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That is a good point. I am happy (sad) that I am not the only one having this struggle.

I dont see the point of changing this mechanics from BL2, where it worked brilliant. So stupid…

It’s much the same with getting into the gunner seat in vehicles, trying to get into a spot where you can press X to get in is really fiddly and difficult.

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That is true, this is also the same rubbish. Though it doesnt make you die for nothing…