BL3, How Steam would of made it more money!

I was rewatching a lot of issues, with April 2019 news of exclusivity and Randy Pitchford’s biased opinion with Epic, and I noticed how Randy went on to say that if BL3 wasn’t as hyped on EGS it would have been to Steam. We know that Borderlands 3 sold twice over BL2 on Steam. But, that is only Xbox, PS, and Epic, those three kinds of consoles were lackluster compared to one store. But, if that’s the case if it was released on Steam as well, it would have made twice the amount of money on Steam alone, when it came to sales. The reason why this is the case is that there are more than a million users on Steam than on Epic. And people would have bought it to complete their BL’s collection. 2k/whoever made the deal probably never thought about this, or even cared about their consumers, if they did they would probably make tons more money. As well, now that it’s coming in April 2020 it’s going to compete against an HL 3rd installment, and Cyberpunk 2077. Yet, now triple-A game developers are no longer listening to their consumers and only care about money. Would you guys agree, or disagree on this topic? I want to know you’re guys opinion if this was the case?


The game would have enjoyed more sales yes. However based on what I have heard about the exclusivity deals Epic was tossing out at the time, Epic essentially overpaid 2K for the difference in sales as some of the things coming out from parties that declined said deals had mention of an upfront payout as if X amount of copies were already sold.


Interesting, so they probably would of added in the amount of money they made from being bought, which would say only 1 million probably was made from the games. This shows that Randy wants Valve to fail, for what reason though?

To be fair it wasn’t Randy’s decision though we can question the amount of influence he actually had in it. In the end the actual decision was with the Publisher 2K due to terms of the agreement made back when BL1 first launched apparently applying to the actual franchise rather than that 1 single title.

Also, i like to point out that Randy made a tweet not joking at all that he would speed up the process of Steam’s release on BL3 if a HL3 was made. I find that funny, how it was being made for years, and they announce it two months after BL3 was release.

Not sure Steam would have been that much better for the sales. It’s much easier to request a refund when you find a game is broken on Steam.


Also need to remember steam take a 30% cut epic take what was it some like 8% when you use unreal engine that and epic paying for exclusivity seems like epic made them a shitload more money hands down

it’s 17% from epic

I think we can only speculate on how successful it would have been launching on Steam, but I sure do wish it was on Steam instead.

Epic contract was…overall…much more financially favorable to Gearbox and 2K then what Steam was offering at that time…and even since…as Steam has actually lowered some of their charges to publishers. It was so lucrative that ANY person sitting on the Board of Directors would have been up in arms if Gearbox/2k turned it down. Gamers bemoan the decision…but money talks. And it’s money that pays for coders and developers and marketeers and publishers of these games. Personally…after all the hubbub about Epic…I have had basically the same amount of problems with their launcher and system that I usually have with Steam. The entire thing has been transparent to me. It’s just a non issue with me.

Nope just googled it if you use unreal engine on your game and sell thru epic it’s 12%

Somewhere I read a thread on the breakdown of fees on Epic vs Steam, a guy crunched the numbers breifly and I don’t remember all the details but the difference didn’t seem all that big to me. I wish I could remember where I saw that, could have been here even.

I suspect it was a ‘no-brainer’ no-loss gamble for the bean counters at 2K/Gearbox, where they calculated they couldn’t lose on an Epic deal so why not do it, and scr3w the customers. What I’d love to know, and sadly we may never, is how this deal pays off for them.

In 2 months when it hits steam, it may not even meet the expected # of copies on release (due to the poor reviews), but then countless more over the years. How can the accountants possibly justify a 6 month exclusivity deal was more profitable than just sellling on every storefront from day one? My math skills aren’t up to par to figure that out.

And yes, Gearbox, we have not forgotten about this exclusivity deal.

I swear if Gearbox forgets there will be a riot!

It was huge…close to a 20% difference in profit margin.

Steam has since lowered their package to customers by about 5% and some deals will never be published so no one can really say exact numbers.

But If I was on GB board of directors and a major platform offered a deal like Epic did…and we turned it down…I’d either fire someone…or resign.

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So many steam sales, so many refunds. The game would have had way more beta testers thats for sure and generated more outrage about the state the game was in at launch/optimization still not dobe

Regardless Matt…

It’s simple, smart economics and sound business practices that drove their decision.

We as gamers want to think of these companies as somehow special and totally different from the masses of “normal companies”.

They are not…

And when I just looked up overall sales figures…and some Steam sales projections…

They made the right move.

Do they need to fix stuff…yup

And keep improving…yup

And drop more content…yup

What game doesn’t?

Yep, but in the end you know who suffered the most, fans of the series who couldn’t all play it day 1, or refused to due to how the deal was set up.

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