BL3 idea: modifying guns

I’m probably not the first one to think about this, but I think it would be cool if we can modify guns. Meaning putting new parts on your guns, like different grips or mags. We can make them because we can scarp unwanted guns to get parts to make or replace parts on the guns you use. This way, you don’t have to keep farming to get the gun with the parts you want them to have. Of course, it could cost money or eridium to changes them. I hope to put this in a future DLC ( I don’t know if there are any plans for a new one or not) or in the next game.


As much as I’d like this, one of the tropes Borderlands seems to be unable to evolve beyond is not getting what you want, unless by some measure of accident.


Perfectly put.

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I believe its intentional but it does clash with what the gaming industry looks for nowadays.

ppl are mentally stuck with the thinking this will ruin borderlands
but ppl rly have no idea what they are talking about

once it happens they are like

i think having modification options is a great idea
options would be:
magazines with diffferent bonis, ( example is a banana magazine for some cool bonus, looks funny)
trinkets for annointments,
scopes ( cuz honestly this should be customizable… i hate most of the scopes)
skins ( with more options to colour)
maybe some gun parts like as an example hyperion shields or something like that

I’m hoping the new Tiny Tina game will include that. But so far GB has been disappointing me left, right, and center.

Love the idea, especially for changing sights/scopes. That said, the game is about a farming time sink so it’ll cost an unreasonable amount of some currency followed by an adjustment making it slightly less unreasonable.

this will be became a reality at the cost of very low drop rate.

I dig the idea, but the primary issue with interchangeable gun parts is inventory and storage. Remember how much they struggled just to increase the bank capacity in BL3? And the bank has been around since BL1. It’ll be another 7 years before they figure out how to create some methods of storing gun parts without completely destabilizing the game.

Borderlands isn’t a pure RPG where you’d find crafting mechanics like that. Gearbox tried it once with the Weapon Grinder, but that concept hasn’t been seen since TPS, and based on the title’s less-than-sparkling reputation, I wouldn’t hold my breath for its return.

If you could build any gun you wanted then why would you need to farm?

If you took away the farming then who would bother playing through the game more than a couple of times?

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I think they’re suggesting that parts should also be farmable, but it’s just too much. Crafting was never meant to be a component to Borderlands. The sheer size of so many interchangable and customizable parts would render the game unplayable.

I had hoped that one of the things bl3 would add was the ability to upgrade guns. This way even the white grade guns may be usable at upper levels. Say you take a gun to “Grifters” gun emporium. See a scope, Pay “Grif” a few somethings and he uses his gun smithing skills to install it. But wait… Grif is a cantankerous old sod. Maybe Earls baby brother, and he knows a good weapon when he sees it, so sometimes he doesn’t want to give it back. Then you have to make a choice. Leave the gun with Grif, offer to play a card game for it, high card wins, or start a shootout. Remember, he’s the only gun smith in the game, so if you’re gonna have a shoot out, you gotta shoot to wound.
There could have been magazine increases, accuracy, reload speed, even element additions. The list could have been endless. And spawned a whole new peer to peer tot peer trading community for gun bits! Why stop there, maybe Earl has several brothers! Another one that upgrades shields, and one that learned splosives from Tins and Mr. Torgue. Man this could have spawned a whole new game within the Game. I can see it now a healing grenade that mirvs into 5 individual grenades each with a separate element, that home to the target, explode and heal you while dropping gold or eridium!!! Or a shield that absorbs bullets and turns them into gold or eridium, or reflect bullets at twice the amount that hit you…see infinite madness!