BL3 is a huge disappointment

I’m a huge BL fan and in all honesty BL2 is for me probably the best game i ever played and had tons of fun with.

Was looking so forward to BL3 and even pre-ordered it, i have never pre-ordered a game before.

Now that i have been playing it for about a week i have to say that i’m really disappointed with the game.

Just out of curiosity, do you folks think it lived up to the hype?


Do I think it is even remotely as good as BL2? No.

Do I enjoy it? Yes.

Unless the DLC changes it I put BL3 more on par with TPS. I enjoyed it but it won’t have the same replayability.


To me its already lived up to the hype. BL2 was good but IMO the game play in this game is superior in every way (Im not a story person, I shoot and loot. Thats what I care about and this games does a great job of that). I just hope we get an UVHM because my one complaint would be the game is to easy currently. Im looking forward to the DLC too.


There are so many other bugs that need to be fixed. Fixing loot drops didn’t need to be the first one for them to tackle. The negative guardian token bug for one. Two, how slow the skill tree/back pack load time is. Three, how people have been losing their stash and whole characters. Like where do I get certain COMs and guns? So far every video I’ve watched for what I need it just ha been a random world drop. BL2 is still great years later. BL3 was suppose to be better and it has done nothing but been as frustrating as fallout 76 and division 2.


Sure, admittedly, the story and writing and characters aren’t near as good as the other games, which is sad, considering all the hype.

And I’m also annoyed about certain characters being killed off or blatantly left out, and VERY annoyed about the fact that The Watcher / the coming war which were so teasingly teased at the end of the PreSequel are seemingly being held back for another instalment.

However…as with every other title…when I load up the game…I quickly forget about the story basically altogether, get a badass Spotify playlist going, and just get lost in the finally modern gen mayhem, destruction, insanity, and loot gathering.

All of which I am enjoying probably the best of all the series so far (despite terribly missing my beloved Maliwan plasmacasters).

If you don’t mind me asking @ask.outbox why do you find it to be such a huge disappointment?


It lived up to the hype.
Perfect at launch? No. Do I approve each and all choices made? Neither.
Hey! Even I am not perfect so… :wink:


It lived up to the hype for me and i have 1500hrs of every borderlands before, 1000hrs in bl2 only.

Its not perfect, It could be alot better with bugs, optimisation and Class/loot balance. those things will come in the near future.

Go back to the Borderlands 2 launch to compare. We are compairing BL3, a week and a half old, to BL2 7 years old, wich had support through patches and dlc for years after launch.


I sincerely can’t take anyone seriously, when they say this game is worse than Borderlands 2 or TPS…

I could agree in terms of the story, but in terms of gameplay? You guys really need to take off those nostalgia glasses…


I freakin’ love it. I’m addicted. I love the mechanics, interface, gunplay, feel, etc.

I’m not gonna compare content with the other games in the series yet, because they’ve been out for years, and all the DLC has been released for those games. I can’t wait to see what comes via DLC, if they come out with some stuff on the level of Knoxx/Claptastic Voyage/TTAoDK, it’ll be epic.

Not worried about bugs, bugs get squashed and Gearbox is extremely aware of the particularly nasty ones.

And yeah, tons of legendaries without a designated drop, but I’m used to the old BL1 days where we upgraded gear by farming Craw and hitting the farmory and hoping for the best, heh. Not a huge concern of mine.


I can’t take seriously anyone who doesn’t like another person’s opinion.

Yes, I thought BL2 was better in every aspect except graphics. Sorry you don’t like my opinion but I still have one that is just as valid as yours.


The only thing distinctly better in 3 compared to 2, is the gunplay. it feels good. As long as your game runs stable anyway…

Anything is … meh. Not bad, but not “better” either.


Borderlands 2 had a ton of bugs in release as well, many worse than this game


this, exactly

B3 is equivalent to TPS? And I thought I have heard it all.

Yes the game has very much lived up to the hype for me. I put about 2K+ hours into Borderlands 2 as I’m sure a lot here put many into as well. How in the world would I compare it to that game when I have put MAYBE 40 hours into B3 which also hasn’t released any of its DLC? Absolutely ridiculous.


Yeah bugs I don’t worry about they will get fixed.

The main difference for me is that BL2 to me felt faster paced and…well I guess more filled in with mobs.

BL3 I can go quite awhile before finding mobs sometimes and when I do it might just be 4-5, while in BL2 I loved the excitement of having maybe 10+ guys all shooting at me. It felt more chaotic and just more exciting.



In previous games it’s pretty much all about the dlc. I think story-wise the villains don’t compare to jack, but I never expected them to.

Gameplay wise it’s come on leaps and bounds.


I’m on the wrong board…

Lets see…OP asked which we liked more and I answered. How am I on the wrong board? Please explain it?

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Yeah it’s certainly isn’t fair comparing DLC, I am strictly talking about the vanilla game.

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Vanilla BL2 was not that good IMO, it was good but in a way worse state of bugs and issues than bl3 is now.


Also those comparing 2 to 3, are you comparing bl2 after years of patches, 4 story dlcs, 2 character dlcs, 5 headhunter dlcs, and 2 level cap dlcs?

When looking at the games I try to go vanilla to vanilla and think back to bl2 on release.

I remember having to stop playing bl2 because saves were stacking and not overwriting, so Everytime anyone passed a save point my game would crash.

I remember finding the game really boring at 50 because there was no challenge.

I remember 100s of profile resets

I remember loving it despite all of that, but putting it down for a long time until UVHM saved it for me.

On launch for me this game is way better, nothing game breaking as far as bugs go, way more end game, mayhem for challenge. I love it.