BL3 is dying a slow and painful death on Twitch

I get there’s a natural drop from first week hype but BL3 has died faster on Twitch than any game I remember in recent memory. Even popular Borderlands 2 streamers have just given up on it.

Currently it resides behind “King of Fighters 1998”, “Earth Defense Force” and some game called “Mistover” (Which I’ve never heard of).

Are the constant nerfs killing enthusiasm?


Could be something to do with the game being garbage.


borderlands is a game where you fight the same enemy many times, it isnt a very fun game to watch, its more fun to play


Who are the popular BL2 streamers who’ve given up on it? Just curious. I don’t watch many streamers but the ones I do follow put out some really good BL3 content.


At first it is fun, when he has been playing for a while and he sees the amount of bugs he has, and they don’t seem to fix, he starts to get bored.

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Admiral Bahroo, Gothalion, MorningAfterKill and a few others.

They used to stream and get thousands of views a piece for BL2 all day everyday even years after release…a few weeks after BL3 and they’ve just moved onto other games. Can’t say I blame them.


This is the real problem with the game right now, not the nerfs. Proving Grounds needs heavy focus. There should be time trial leaderboards and rewards should be much better. Same goes for Circle of Slaughter maps. They need buffed to be as lucrative as boss farming.

Proving Grounds should have also had random maps similar to Diablo’s Rifts or Warframe, but that’s a whole other issue.


Borderlands 2 steam charts

Lost half the player base 2 months in a row after release, went down to 13% of the player base after 8 months.

A hugely successful game.

I don’t think a drop in twitch right now can mean a whole lot.

Borderlands 3 had more hype coming in than any previous one so a bunch of big non borderlands streamers came in for the first couple weeks of hype and moved on. This is fine, the core streaming group is going strong.

Also destiny 2 went f2p and a bunch of people are doing that, so there are factors.

I remember when destiny 1 came out and everyone said it would kill borderlands, that is laughable now.


Destiny 2 is obliterating Borderlands 3 streaming numbers so I don’t get how it’s laughable…

Unless you just mean kill the product in general. Then yes I agree that won’t happen. But Destiny is definitely far more popular.


It means destiny did not harm borderlands 2 in any real way. Borderlands 2 was a huge success.

Twitch numbers are not everything, free to play games usually have bigger numbers. That is fine.

Free is more popular than paying $60 most of the time

Also Destiny 2 is also a good example of why this game is something you shouldn’t worry about.

Destiny 2 was a mess on release and people were leaving it left and right.


im assuming its because of bank space and fact there doing gun nerfs when they should be fixing lag issues when opening menu and load times so its faster over the nerfs I think, as in co-op its worse then solo for when you open a menu, these need fixing also the bank glitch might also have something to do with it as lot have lost banks with all there gar they farmed for and wont get it back


Destiny 2 had far greater Twitch numbers than what BL3 does now before it was free.


people only started playing destiny 2 again when they announced all the dlc was free but beforehand not many bothered playing nor buying the dlc themselfs


I’m just saying I wouldn’t look to much into twitch numbers right now, they don’t mean a ton


If you want all the content (and not a “demo”) you have to pay € 70. (2 exp + sp)

Twitch views are a cyclical thing. Normally for a game like this and Destiny 2, viewership is high on release day, then it lulls until dlc comes out, then it spikes again. When the Halloween event comes out and the eventual raid we’ll probably see lots of streamers come back to this game.

Also everyone is focused on fOrTnITe ChAPtEr 2 right now so that’s also having an effect.


I agree, but I do believe this game in it’s current format has a longevity problem that is a lot more serious than people complaining about a few gun nerfs. The “end game” activities (if you can even call it that) - which consists mainly of PG and CoS - are not very rewarding, and the loot drop nerf has made it so that the only effective way to farm is boss killing. Diablo 3, a game that came out 7 years ago, has a far more addicting end game loop. They need to make adjustments, and perhaps adopt some of their ideas. I think this game REALLY needs a seasonal model similar to D3’s, but something tells me GBX does not want to have to support that.

Step 1 though needs to be shifting the focus to Proving Grounds and massively upping their rewards.


I have a question, why is twitch viewership on a story driven game…important?


Bl2 had no endgame on release, bl1 had less. They were both big successes


And cars once upon a time didn’t have airbags, my TV from 1994 wasn’t in HD, my cell phone didn’t have a touch screen. Do you want these products?

Standards change.

EDIT: I am also not saying the game is permanently broken. I am pointing out what needs improvement.