BL3 is Literally forcing you to purchase DLC5

If you don’t purchase DLC5 you will still receive drops with anointments YOU CANT USE…
How stupid did someone have to be to add these anointments to the game… if you purchase the DLC it should include the anointments BUT if you don’t you are still stuck having drops be completely uesless to you because you didn’t spend MoRE money after you bought the Super delux edition.

I refuse to play anymore untill they remove the 4th skill tree anointments from my game because every time I get the item I want it ends up having 4th skill tree anointments making them COMPLETE TRASH…
Funny how the anointment system could be so much worse then the Luneshine gear from TPS


You can still use the gear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, if intended… Pretty big D***move
If unintended… They sure taking their frigging time fixing this ■■■■…

I can buy the damn thing for 5 bucks… But it’s not even worth that! :expressionless:


It was a round about way to make you want to purchase DLC 5 because they most likely knew that Arms Race was going to tank because it was a game feature that nobody asked for. Seems to me it was implemented to get more people to stream their game ie: PUBG and Fortnite but I could be completely wrong.


Literally sent a ticket in the day DLC5 came about and was dropping gear with anoints from content I didn’t purchased (still hasn’t btw).

All I got back is ‘Standard Answer Machine Guy’ telling me that I needed to provide my ID’S and email address. For what I’ll never f***ing know, as nowadays I wouldn’t trust Gearbox with a crappy neighbour’s address.

As for the problem in hand they surely have the means to troubleshot and fix it. But something tells me that it will not happen.

It’s like rewatching season 7 of Game of Thrones while having it interrupted every minute for ads for Season 8 when you already know how disappointing is going to turn out, but HBO doesn’t realises it yet.


Some of us have been waiting for fixes prior to DLC1 to be released so yeah…don’t hold your breath for any worth while fixes. But check out all those cool buffs they did, that should make up for it right??? I mean right??? Ehhhh…Ehhhh…


I’m guessing you don’t play “ endgame” otherwise you wouldn’t be so fast to say something unwise like
(You can still use the gear)
Do you realize guns without anointments are basically useless… unless your playing on m5 and under Zzzzzz
Casuals need to realize I want what’s BEST for the game LONG term. Not stupid little fixes that nullify the rest of the experience.


Didn’t say you could use it in end game :rofl:

I said you could use it… Period :rofl:

Also, read the rest of the post because I feel you missed the really obvious sarcasm…


Good to know. I’ll tell it to my Lightshow, Flipper, Harold, Facepuncher and a few others with totally wrong anointments (like different character).



it is intended. That was already answered by Noelle.
Yeah it sucks.


some good variety you got there… did you just finish watching a top 10 video?

I guess the logic is (who cares about that when you have stupid OP items)

You are projecting too much, me thinks - I don’t watch YT videos, download saves, or trade. I just play the game. If I find something better, I use it. Don’t farm either. Have 15+ characters across two platforms.

Works for me, YMMV.


Dude, they have your money already. You think they give a ■■■■ whether you keep playing or not? You did not pay for a base game experience with or without any particular annointments. Chill. :man_facepalming:

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Not really- if I get an anoint I don’t like/can’t use I ether leave the item or sell it so it doesn’t crowd the Lost Loot Box (playing- occasionally- on M11 with level 65 Moze).

I don’t think your wrong remember what Randy said that BA people would play it and not so much story players . That comment right there proves they don’t know who plays their game and what they want from their game .

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It’s a cardinal sin to talk about the 8th season . Repent .

LULZ. Not gonna happen

It is not forcing anybody to buy DLC 5.
It is forcing people to make a decision - do I keep supporting a shady developer who refuses to fix issues with their game, and keep introducing more and more problems into the game?
Or do I just give them the finger back and dump their mess. Move on to more enjoyable games?


I think a lot of people made that choice as well hence why we are not hearing all that much about the last DLC other than when it initially released. I know BL3 certainly made it easier for me to decide as to whether I will be supporting GBX in any future product releases.


For me, BL3 made me never pre-order a game ever again…

DLC 5 anointments dropping without DLC made me finally shelve the game…

I have my Zane decked out with pretty much optimal gear…
And now gearing an other VH with anointments dropping I can’t even use (or in moze’s case looking for the ones I need for my build) sounds like a serious pain in the ass…

GBX doesn’t care but I’m pretty pissed :sweat_smile: and I kept a lot of friends from getting this game


You know, I’m probably dumb for thinking this, but it kinda looks like she didn’t understand the question to me. Her post seems like an answer to the question “Do anointments related to the fourth skill trees only appear on guns dropped inside of Arms Race, or can they be on random weapons anywhere?”.