BL3 is Literally forcing you to purchase DLC5

:man_shrugging: the answer may be playing the semantics (I suppose you said that because she said “everywhere” and you were expecting “everyone”, choice of word which may be a way to tell those anoints are coded in the general loot pool) but the question she answered and quoted was crystal clear

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And the fact that none of them see the issue with that in a lootbased shooter like Borderlands is why Borderlands is doomed to remain completely broken.
I wish nothing but financial ruin to this studio and 2k, at this point you guys deserve it.

How you guys didn’t suffer from similar backlash as Cyberpunk has is beyond me, but you deserve it multiple times over in my opinion. This is how you ruin a franchise and with it a company.


The reason they didn’t is because BL3 was nowhere near as hyped as CP was. However with that said I am curious why GBX had been pretty silent for the most part regarding their upcoming DLC. Personally I think it is because their first DLC for Season Pass 2 tanked because GBX in their infinite wisdom thought we wanted a PUBG/Fortnite addition.

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Not really agreeing with you on this :pensive:

Same with Diablo 3 at launch… There was a clear culprit. And that was the game director (he even got toxic towards the original creators because they said they would have taken a whole different approach more in line with the first 2 games but better)

Dragon age 2, EA rushed bioware to release the game (which ended up pretty bland and most of the dungeons where copy/paste)

The same I true for GBX I think… There’s people who are trying to make as much money without spending any…
It’s not an exact science… But for me it’s better to work on quality at the expense of some profit (but ensure that people will buy future products) then cutting corners and taking the profits and say screw what happens, I got my money.

So saying the people who worked hard on the game should lose their job because of a terrible boss is a bridge to far for me :wink:

Who ever is responsible for this debacle should get fired though :yum: D3 director got replaced and look at Diablo 3 now (and look at the ideas for D4)


Yeah, in retrospect my reply is harsh.
I hope everyone working at GBX will bail and start a new project, similar to the guys from Blizzard.
I fear GBX is too far gone to be salvaged, the developers have been insulated by a shell of business executives that now have more say over the end product than the actual creators.

They seem to have less control over their product than before, and I’m sure that irks them immensely. Thus I hope they can get away from this sinking ship, that one of them has come up with a good idea for a new franchise and that they can bail on all the leeches that have attached themselves over the years.


Indeed, BL3 shows there’s talent at GBX… But they’re just poorly managed :pensive:

Just imagine BL3 with better itemization, no lazy/useless immunity stages, DLC 1/2 writing in the main game, etc.

And skilltrees in SP1 instead of when everyone is sick and tired of the game (now if the game was better the timing probably wouldn’t even matter haha)

But hey… Greed allways wins


Freaking handbrake still doesn’t work on vehicles, on PC (bound to spacebar by default, but doing nothing).

I remember how I chuckled, 1,5 years ago, fresh on game’s glorious release, thinking: “Heh, guess they missed that bug, huh?”

GUESS THEY FREAKING DID, my old, younger me. Guess they freaking did…

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Borderlands vehicles have brakes? Mind blown… :slight_smile:

In 10 years of playing the franchise, I never felt the need to use brakes while driving. Driving sim it ain’t.

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I don’t recall Scooter using brakes as a selling point :laughing:

Agreed. In my personal experience, anointments don’t actually break the game. The vast magority of guns I use don’t even have anointments that benefit my character. There are some ocations where I like certain guns with anointments just for the heck of it. My 3 faorite guns (fire shredifier, shock kaos and the breath of the dying) don’t even have a single favorable anointment for me. But the absolutelly decimate everything so who cares. I’m speaking about Mayhem 11 btw.
Still, I think the anointments were a somewhat clever ides in the sense that they allow us to shape the gear we have to fit our builds and characters, allowing for a more customized experience. (It would be better if we could choose them with spending eridium but eh.)
People allways blame them bc they think they break the game. They do not in my game. Insanelly buffed mayhem healths and some bugs break the game.
Cute doggo by the way.

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Astronaut 1: There are brakes in borderlands?
Astronaut 2: Allways have been.

Imho it’s both that where poorly done :wink:

I still stand with my opinion that weaponscaling should not be a thing (didn’t get why in BL2 and even less in 3)

They pretty much added anointments because most people couldn’t play higher mayhem (m4) and guns where pretty much all underpowered.
Few problems with this…
One was that mayhem 1-3 where so different from M4 and an other that guns where just underperforming.

So anointments became a thing. Wich in term where overperforming… 100%cryo became somewhat the only anointment for Zane while others where pretty much useless (sliding anointments where removed but i’ve seen many people making builds with them but compared to 100% cryo they where just hard to use)

Then we got mayhem 2.0 and they introduced weaponscaling… What most people did was jump to M10, farm for some easy legendaries (cartel weapons) and BOOM rest of mayhem was useless…

Biggest problem is, M10 is to easy because of weapon scaling and without weaponscaling it’s probably unplayable.

Scaling just spiraled out of control… Anointments where OP way BEFORE we got the current max level and weapon buffs (or rather legendary buffs because the normal weapons got left in the dust)

How to fix this problem?

  1. remove weapon scaling (shields would be a problem so they’ll have to find a middle ground here)
  2. tackle mayhem scaling, yes M10 should be damn hard but should not be the difficulty you HAVE to play (steamrolling M10 isn’t exactly a lot of fun)
  3. M11 treatment for all mayhem levels (or have people choose their modifiers on every level with corresponding rewards)

After these changes they could take a look at anointments and balance them accordingly (i would rather have anointments give more power to my action skills then just double or triple my weapon damage)

Also rework mayhem modifiers to risk reward (atm they’re more no risk high annoyance/reward)

Make this game challenging. The changes i suggested will not affect anybody negatively… Only thing that changes is what mayhem level people are playing at (wich if done correctly would be the difficulty scaling they intended)

I’m not going into detail and numbers haha…

Also, i’m not really a fan of locking items behind difficulty but then again, it could work and be an incentive to try your hardest to reach that point. So this point i have no real opinion on.

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I would certainly take that issue over all the other ones we have been dealing with since the games release. But I’m sure the nerfs and buffs have made up for it right??

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Heh. Yeah, it’s a small thing, but there’s an option for it, has been since the beginning and it says: Spacebar = handbrake, and it ain’t so, and it was kinda funny, but now I think it was rather kinda prothetic, cause there’s plenty of options to balance game far better than with bandaid buffs here and there, and GB just ain’t want to take them. Some community ideas GB takes and implements, but usually those that act like bandaid too :frowning:

Like — I was one of those that proposed mayhem scaling gear and skills, because base game became increasingly easy — all those buffs were targeted at M10 with huge health bloat, but on normal health numbers newly buffed weapons just outshine’d anything and everything, making whole game a cakewalk, compared to fresh release version. BUT, I always said, that it is much preferable to re-balance freaking everything, cutting down overperforming guns/perks, but also really cutting down mayhem bullet sponginess. Like, 20% more health/shields/armor, per mayhem level, 10000% to 200% on M10. Way I see it those bloated as heck numbers are the root of all those random lucky weapon buffs, nades being ■■■■■, melee being meh, vehicles doing ok only against other vehicles, but going up in flames if spit upon by a walking enemy…

Mayhem scaling is better than nothing, but there was (imo) a far better way. GB took the easiest one, and, frankly, after having same freaking problem for BL2 (remember Cloudkill before buff? Or abysmal Axtons turrets scaling, that only were fixed by community?) they sorta could’ve thought of that from the beginning, while still designing BL3.

Guess they are just afraid of drastic changes. Maybe they are right, maybe for each one of us writing on forums there are 10 just playing the game and having fun, but I’m still sad cause I love the base for this (storyline aside), good shooting, cool music, mostly good humour, with some jewels, nice visuals, awesome setting and style, and on and on — all this can really make for an awesome, one-of-a-kind game, not just a “good” or “very good” one…

Eh, it became a wall of bitching from me %-(

Sorry. Have a good year, I guess :slight_smile:

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Great ideas. I would love more anointments that benefit my skill tree. There are some but limited, like the vanquisher rocket ones. I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t enjoy the damage ones, cause I do. But more variety is always nice. Also, I kinda feel that only mayhem 10 and 11 are worth it. Know what I mean? I either go all out or I don’t. I don’t know how they can fix that however. I don’t have any ideas.

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In BL2 there’s a BAR challenge that requires you to use the brake to kill enemies by drifting over them in a vehicle. The brake lights even work!


On the brakes…

I think the devs looked at them like the “Pandora flat” wich means your car explodes

So in BL3 you have something called the “Pandora handbrake” wich means your run your car into a wall/unbreakable object :joy:

Tbh though, unlike BL2… I hardly used vehicles in BL3 haha only because the quest needed me to or sometimes for a teleport :joy: