what happen if they bring bl2 hunters back, like Axton, Gaige, Sal and Krieg? of course if a dream, because they will never do it.


Well you can’t really force an opinion on someone. You can always offer your take, as we are all welcome to that privilege.

I still play the game. My wife hasn’t since October. We all feel different about the game.

What fascinates me most in this game will sound ridiculous. I love the music, the sound effects of this game. The sound team did a fantastic job, from the sound of weapons, the sound of music transition. The game play is nice and refreshing to the series. I could however point out a lot more wrong, but the game play and the sound is what keeps me around.


im hardcore gamer and I thought this game was going to replace my obsession with eso, an MMO in console that’s all about build variety. This game has none of that and costs $45.00 more than eso. Such a rip off and a joke of a game.

Why did you think a looter shooter would replace an MMO?


Because I thought it would be a good game

Hissy fit noted. Enjoy ESO.


It is a good game so you thought right! Good job thinking!


Can I have all of your gear @concepci.jose?


Considering running the base game and the DLC with each vault hunter likely took you between 100 and 300 hours depending on how thorough you are, I’d say the game was worth.


have to say all these threads with people throwing their toys out of the pram are starting to get a little hilarious. If you don’t like the game, just put it away and play something else.


Wait a minute, I want some! Don’t be greedy:)


The bolding is my doing …

I am not a professional but the word in bold text might be the root problem and not the game. I encourage you to find healthier outlets for your passions.

I wish you well.

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I would have recommended playing BL2 or Pre-Sequel first as they have exactly the same formula and you can get them on sale for next to nothing. If you DID play them, I would have kinda thought you would have avoided BL3. Just thinking ahead for the next decision to dive into a franchise mid-way at full price. Sorry you hated it. It does have some problems.


I really think bl3 came down to .to many hands in the pot .the out come was all over the place .
2nd A new writing team this in its self was a bomb
The new writing team is probly one of the biggest things that pushed a lot away.

Not tring to hate all over them lol but new teams can very easy make or break a game

I my self am just waiting for the bl3 collection to come i cant really see the dlcs as worth the price wile the game is in the place it is right now.

But to each there own.

Oh this thread should be good… Lemme grab some popcorn…


Take your ball and go home.

Mercy closure.

It’s absolutely fine to provide feedback of any kind (within the rules, ofc). That’s what this place is for. However, typically, ‘I’m done game suxxors’ threads devolve into unpleasantness quite quickly.


…would technically be spamming. One is enough. :face_with_monocle:

If, on the other hand, you’d like to post about what would keep you playing, let me know and I’ll reopen this thread.


There is an existing thread that those wishing to announce their departure may use instead:

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Every time when i open the game after a while( 3-4 week) waiting for fixes,all i experience is this episode of the game is the biggest failure ever. thanks for the you tube rewiewers for discovering the “glitches” the game after every patch is changing. first 2 week was the best time ever but now is more annoying then fun. its a fact whoever cube head whatever they saying this is the true…
/delete game no interested anymore after 1000/ times “fixes”