BL3 is the only thing I'm buying from the Epic store

The 6 month wait IMO is to long not to play it, all the while Twitter, YouTube & Twitch are going to have like all the spoilers & Easter Eggs there is.

So in short I bought BORDERLANDS 3 - SUPER DELUXE EDITION from the Epic game store, why you say why not.

BTW, it’s the only thing I’m going to play from TEGS

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I’m with you mate ))

Was preparing for D2 Shadowkeep on 15.09 (bought trip for wife+daugter+wifes mother on Spain sea coast, took vacation, thought i would start new expansion from the beggining) but Bungie transfered release on 1.10. So i’ll buy Super Deluxe in EGS to save my vacation avd investments)) Mb B3 would have cross play between whole pc stores later…

Going to add it In Steam as side game and troll friends with screens and translation. All this sad… cu have all Borderlands games on my Steam account. Will buy it in Steam layely with 80% discount.

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You’re missing out dude Epic Games is pretty awesome (fortnite aside)!

If you’re a space sim fan I must recommend looking at Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, it plays like Wing Commander if you’re familiar

what about outer worlds?

What’s so bad about the Epic store that people have so much of a problem with it? I’m not a PC gamer - although I do have a high end PC and some games on Steam it’s very rare I use it.

I’d totally get it if it were say, exclusive to the Xbox one for 6 months and would need another £200 forking out, but it’s just a store with a free download for it right? What’s the main issue?

there is barely any features, then there are the security issues & tencent