BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

I’ve encountered this issue twice now whilst playing the game, both in different areas, at different levels with different characters with one being solo and the other during co-op.

Basically, whilst playing, with no warning, my Xbox one X just shuts off, doesn’t power down to standby, it switches itself off.
It isn’t overheating as when I’ve checked it’s been cooler than it has running other games before and this has only ever happened whilst playing Borderlands 3.

I want to assume it isn’t the game, perhaps it’s simply coincidence that it’s doing this now that I’m playing BL3 but I can’t think of another reason, there hasn’t been a console update recently (even being part of the preview program) and playing other games the console is fine.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


I’ve had the same problem, but in the mission “Skag Dog Days”, specifically when I engage in the fight to kill Trufflemunch and Buttmunch. Console (One X) just shuts off, then gives the overheating prompt when I turn it back on. I’ve never had this problem in any other game prior to this. Console has ample passive cooling. I even surface checked and ran an IR camera, and everything looks way within the threshold.


I have ran into this issue two times now, in the same exact place. I’m early on, the mission you have to take out Sunfist(may not be name for sure) bit when I walk into an area where an “unknown” NPC is asking for help getting them down, the game seems to trigger a cut scene but crashes right away. Playing on Xbox One X. I get the overheat error message as soon as it boots back up.


Are you playing on performance or quality mode?

I am playing in performance I believe, the one that favors higher visuals and resolution instead of frame rate and performance.

You are playing in quality mode, try switching to performance mode (fair warning, the game looks so bad in performance mode) and see if that helps at all.

Sorry, yeah I just loaded it up and I was in “Resolution” but I’m switching to performance and I’ll report back if it lets me past that point. Thanks!

No problems :+1:

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This worked! I got past the point I was crashing on. Thanks, I hope they patch these type issues soon.

Good to hear, enjoy the rest of the game or at least until it crashes again

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I’m having the same issue. I’m playing on an X and the workaround is to play in performance mode? That’s hardly a “fix”


Well I’m having the issue whilst in performance mode, I haven’t played the game in resolution mode outside of running around sanctuary

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Thanks for that info. i had same issue on same quest. tried for hours and it just kept shutting down my Xbox. tried this and it worked.

I’ve also experienced the entire xbox one x shutting down. Once when I was joining my friends game. Xbox 1X enhanced setting on for performance …
just shut down before I reached my buddy’s game. Second time I was playing solo exploring Sanctuary 3 running around and my whole system shut down.

I’ve not once ever had another game do this in my entire history of gaming.

Very, very disappointed


I have this as well. Matchmaking for the first time on killavolt. Started matchmaking, shut down by itself. Definitely not overheat as I had just booted up and it’s a one x

Thats a big issue.


I had the same thing happen. I am on a Xbox One X and I was using performance mode. I was doing the first combat encounter on the 3rd planet and the system turned itself off and when I turned it back on it had that same message that is posted above. I just started playing and was probably in the game for about 15 minutes at most. I reacted by using an air duster on my console’s openings, but only a little dust came out and the console didn’t seem that warm. I played again for about an hour or so after and didn’t have the problem again yet but this is definitely troubling.

It’s been happening to be all day can’t go 30 min with out it shutting down and it only happens on borderlands 3


So I’m just getting into the sun smashers hideout and there’s a voice shouting for me to help him I go through the gate and my Xbox turns off it’s done this over ten times now ive tried other games other apps everything but it only does it as I’m entering this cutscene anyone had this???


I am also experiencing this, thought it was ventilation but placed the xbox elsewhere and continues to happen.


I am getting this as well, and putting me back to the very start just outside the gate to reraid.