BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

That pretty much says what you need to know right there. There’s nothing the support desk can do since the problem requires a code fix, so it’s in the developer’s hands - which is GBX.

They’ve probably been asked to compile specific information (such as the XB1 os version) by the patch team; once that’s done there’s not much more support can do. It would be nice if the ticket system had an additional option such as “referred to developers” since “closed” does sound pretty final. In this case, though, it does not mean “ignored”.

Yeah, I appreciate that but ‘closed’ is not the term that should be used towards disgruntled paying customers.

As you say, I’d rather the ticket was held open and updated when a fix is in the works / deployed.

I think the main problem is the developer has not publicly acknowledged the issue. So for me 2K closing and referring to Gearbox when Gearbox have been silent on the issue doesn’t look great.

While its disappointing this is still happening, it does appear to be moving forward at last :slight_smile:

@speedmetal890, in what way do you see this as moving forward?

The moderators on here have been forwarding this information along since day 1 to the developers, 2k has been taking support tickets and spewing misinformation back in response, and yet still to this point there is absolutely zero acknowledgement from anyone beyond the forum moderators, whom are not gearbox employees.

In other words, no one with any factual relevant knowledge of the situation as said anything about this issue. No one at all can honestly say what is being done about the issue. (Well Gearbox can, but flat out wont.)


Found this article it’s Australian but still thought it was worth sharing


Once again, another patch, and no fix nor even a mention of this problem. I am really perplexed as to why GB wont give some feeback on this issue. Infinity Ward can do it in one day for their game, but 7+ weeks later we get nothing from GB.

GB community posts right on the BL3 site mention all kinds of stuff GB is working on, so why can’t this be mentioned?

I just submitted a refund request to Microsoft. I hope they’ll make an exception to their refund policy due to the circumstances. I would consider purchasing the game again if a fix is released.


The complete and utter lack of transparency on Gearbox part is very telling at this point. Hell, I’ve yet to even see any form of official acknowledgement from a Gearbox or 2K representative.

This is the sort of behaviour that makes devs and publishers look like crooks. It’s not like this came out last week anymore…

Franky, the “pretend it doesn’t happen until it just goes away” policy that appears to have been adopted is disgusting.


@Bertimus you gotta make sure to not allow the problem to go away. Press them daily, send support emails daily, use consumer protection agencies to assist in at the very least, to inform the whole world what a sack of crap this company is. We have to impact their partners, make consumers of their products aware, and try to get to every stakeholder that may have an impact on the company to make them think: “These guys just ripped a bunch of people off with their last game, plus they made a hot pile of garbage in battleborn, so I better not buy this new title right away”


I’ve stopped trying to even test the game now… after the last crash my Xbox was being weird trying to boot.

I’m still not 100% the few hundred power off’s I’ve had haven’t caused damage to my console.

That being said I managed 30 hours of The Outer Worlds with no issues. The game even pushed the console as the fans were going most of the time.


One of mine is finally on its way back from repair and still no update?

Looks like I’ll be trying for a refund as there’s no way I’m playing it again in a freshly repaired console as I know the issue affects the two I still have here, hopefully the repair will help push it through.

Honestly borderlands has gone from a must pre order to a wait till complete edition, preferably a cheap steam key, at least I can see what it’s doing that way.

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Microsoft refused my refund request. I don’t know what else I can do.


I now have reason to believe that this has caused lasting damage to my console.
Just had the exact same issue on Warriors Orochi 4. Never had it before Borderlands in which it has happened 30~ times whilst I tried to ignore it.
Could be a coincidence, but very much a possibility.

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Can we get a response from the DEV’s on this issue??? This bug has ruined the experience for me, and recent posts have me concerned that I am putting my Xbox X at risk by playing the game.

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I don’t expect EA…err sorry I mean Gearbox to respond to any posts that might even remotely incriminate themselves even if it is 100% true, they will still deny it.


Game has been out two months now. Not a peep from Gearbox. Why is it hard to give a heads up on this issue? How is this too much to ask?

Console shut off just yesterday joining my brothers game.

I am also sick of the game saying “Took too long to start” if you don’t let your Xbox One X set for about 5 min after you turn it on before you start the game up. SOOO many problems with this game, laggy menus, etc…yet all they seem to want to do is nerf or buff things instead of fix serious problems. We have an event going on and a first DLC coming…but they can’t FIX the broken things in the game first so we can enjoy them properly without our freakin console shutting off. And, not to even say anything about one of the serious issues we are all having on the Xbox One X. Not a peep!!


I wanted to provide a current status and the most current information I received from my various interactions with Gearbox/2k and Microsoft.

Currently with the issue that is causing Xbox 1 X systems to shutdown when joining a multiplayer game:

  1. 5 individual support tickets created with 2K, the last of which I just let expire and become closed due to lack of response or action taken by the developer.

    Of those 5 support tickets:
    3 received a response that my system was broken and I needed to contact Microsoft about a repair.
    2 confirmed that 2K was aware of the issue but had nothing further to report. The most recent one, I responded to once a week to keep the ticket open, and continually received the same, canned response: The developers are aware and working on the issue. However, 2K does not the ability to see the current status of any planned patches or fixes.

  2. I have spread word all over the forums and reddit about this. Many of you are now quite pissed that you see my name nearly daily with a very cynical and pessimistic view of this problem. Well, 60 days into the game, hasnt been fixed.

  3. I have 4 separate support tickets with Microsoft; none of which determined I should submit a repair request for my system. All 4 of the support contacts with Microsoft culminated with a known issue in the game that has to be addressed by Gearbox.

  4. 3 Refund requests for the game. The first 2 were denied with no further explanation or investigation. The current refund request was escalated and is looking into all of the channels used in order to address and resolve the issue, and how the 14 day refund deadline is/was likely not sufficient in determining if a game breaking bug was going to (or even be able to) be addressed.

The game has been uninstalled a total of 4 times, including being installed to the local hdd, an external ssd, and reinstalled locally after reset the system back to factory.

I have created brand new characters from scratch to make sure it is not a corrupted save issue.

Since through all of this, Gearbox has not said a single word about this issue while 2K support is referring me to Microsoft, and Microsoft is referring me back to 2K.

Will someone please take some ownership and have the balls to say what is going on?


We shouldn’t have to go through all of this to beta test their game.


Thanx for keeping this going. I am the one who created the thread on Reddit about this issue.


Haven’t been on the forums in a while after selling my copy of bl3 for the x1. Seems I did the right thing. Gearbox does not care about this issue. I will NEVER purchase another game from this company again.

All you devs and people who are apart of this should be ashamed of yourselves. Long time borderlands player and have loved every game. But this is beyond anything I’ve ever seen from a gaming company. To completely go silent on such a severe situation is insanely disrespectful. You have spit in the faces of loyal fans and I hope nothing but the worst comes to this company from here on.

You have had 2+ months now to make a statement on this even if it were to be "we are sorry but the problem is not fixable and will be offering refunds to those affected by this horrible situation " then the community of players going through this would undoubtedly understand and be more reasonable with a response such as that than to say nothing at all. While our systems are being damaged due to your software not being optimized properly for the hardware of xb1x. And you know that is the reason for this. It is not the people’s systems being defect it is your game and its inability to run properly with the specifications it’s set at on the hardware of our systems.

I suggest anyone going through this to stop playing immediately because this does cause long term hardware damages and will ultimately brick your console if not shorten its lifespan. Do not listen to the fanboys on here saying it’s the consoles fault they are mostly PC players and the game runs fine for them. Ignore being told to wait and keep playing and your console will suffer.


You know what would be helpful?

If someone whom is actually employed at Gearbox, not a volunteer forum moderator mind you, but rather someone whom at least gets paid the federal minimum wage by Gearbox, not a temp agency, but actually Gearbox had the courage to make an official statement about this issue.

If you are worried about potentially exposing a liability issue for Gearbox, I strongly encourage and implore you do to right thing. Please know, you are protected as well.