BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

One X - I’ve read elsewhere that turning the visuals down to Performance corrects this. I did not have this issue so YMMV

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I also had this, reset and tried loading back in about 8 times. Kept happening. Xbox one x

i had the same problem but as Liskrig said turning your visuals down to performance fixes the problem or it did for me anyway

Can confirm, turning down the graphics fixes it. that and also matchmaking gets you past the cutscene too


I had this too. Very disappointed I cannot play in 4k. The visuals are considerably reduced in performance mode.

I can also confirm that I turned the visuals to performance and managed to get past the cutscene. Last night I used matchmaking to get past as mentioned in the thread. Can we have an update please so I can continue in 4k?

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This also happens on my one x. I played on my one s in the bedroom and got passed the point so I decided to try again. I was playing fine in the VR part and once the boss died it turned off again. It isn’t ventilation since it is in the open and not covered in dust. It has never happened before either and works fine when playing other games or movies. Stupid I would have to stop playing in 4k and not be able to completely enjoy the game to its full potential.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall borderlands but it did nothing.


Me and my boyfriend have both had this happen multiple times every time we are playing this game and we both are on OneX. His brother however plays on original Xone and never has this issue.

Same here several random switch offs, couple of buzz locks too. Playing on performance mode.

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I am on the insider program, and playing on the X. There were some notes that this update could cause this issue, towards the bottom of this link, it mentions the issue is known.

Have not used Resolution mode as its a rough 30 FPS. Not smooth at all. Been using Performance mode, since I started playing and my console also shuts down. At first this was seemingly for no reason or random, but all of my shutdowns have been when joining/being joined by friends.

At one point the 3 of us had our consoles shut down within in 10 minutes of each other. Yesterday after a rather long play session, we each had our consoles shut down about 3 times.

The only thing the shut downs really had in common was Fast traveling and joining/being joined. We are all using performance mode.

The constant Frame drops, menu loading/lagging, item descriptions/action prompts being stuck on screen, and the console shutdowns are quite frustrating. I certainly hope they are working on some fixes as these are mostly optimization issues.

I hear similar reports from PS4 Pro users and apparently the PC launch has been a nightmare for some. All in all the Game is Fantastic and everything I wanted it to be, just hope to see some fixes sooner rather than later.

See ya in the Borderlands…


Yeah, Xbox keeps turning off randomly in MP or SP(one x with visual setting). If they cannot deliver visual, then don’t. Annoying AF!

The latest preview update is supposed to fix this problem.

So following the change from resolution to performance I have managed to play through and I’m now on Athenas. When in open combat it has decided it wants to shut down again at the same point during combat.

So this has happened me like 3 times already, enough to not make it a coincidence, if you just let the game idle and it goes into suspension/sleep mode (where the screen shades and you get notification at the side of the screen) if you turn your controller back and try to go play again the game freezes and ■■■■■ the console it actually turns off completely you even get the xbox x chip load screen like when you disconnect your console from the power source… this is horrible concerning as this kind of bugs tend to ■■■■ the console… has anyone else experienced this?

My XBOX is basically new, completely up to date and has 87% of hits hard drive free. The only game installed is Borderlands 3.

My internet is fiber optic - 1000 megs up/down. And my speed tests are coming back 972 up /1087 down. The system is direct to modem via ethernet and I’ve tested all connections and the cable for any damage.

The system is ventilated well and played in a very cool room. I keep the temp at 67* in this particular room at all times.

Here’s what happens: After I play for a while, zone a few times with a friend in Co-op, if I switch characters and try to go back to the same game my system shuts of completely.

Or, without switching characters, if my friend takes us to sanctuary during the load screen it freezes and after a few seconds my system will shut off completely.

If I’m by myself and try to use match-making to find a host to join my system will queue as if it’s going to connect and just before I hit the load in screen my XBOX shuts off completely.

This is all when ever I’m joining other peoples’ games. If I am the host, people can connect to me just fine. The friend I play with has a markedly slower internet connection than I do, but she can stay connected to me for hours and not experience the same issue. She’s also playing on a regular XBox not a 1X.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s starting to freak me out. I don’t want a borked system because of network defect.


My xb1x shutdown tonight too for no reason while playing a mission on Athenas said it had over heated. It’s not the reason it’s never shutdown before it’s the game caused this.

Hello playing on xbox one x Whenever I try to join my friends session or try fast traveling it cause my game to quit to the home screen and sometimes it will load in but just be a black screen then it will cause my system to shut down it will do this multiple times before it allows me to actually play along side my friend


Same is happing with me

Same. I’ve had my Xbox fully shut down 3 times. HARD stop, not even my controller knew what was happening so it could disconnect. I have had black screen loads and partially dimmed loading screen freezes as well, where the game just got stuck there with the music playing but nothing happening.

Please let me know if there’s any sort of error logging I can forward to you guys to get this stuff fixed. I want to play the game with my friend, and I can’t do that when I might disconnect at any random moment or watch my Xbox powering off suddenly like this. It can’t be good for the console to have this sort of issue occurring.