BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

I just started FL4K on Sunday I made it to level 3 an my system shut off, an now every time i try to load the game it just shuts my system off . I’ve tried to contact 2K an Gearbox on twitter an have had NO response what so ever.

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@MEHDALS Thank you for that, I will reach out in this thread.

Hi @Noelle_GBX

Many, many, many of us have absolutely exhausted all of the available means to try and obtain support guidance on this issue. We have submitted many work tickets, attached videos, screen shots, elaborate narrative descriptions, and provided all of the context available to help describe and identify the situation at hand.

The support tickets have done no good, this forum thread demonstrates zero progress or assistance dating all the way back to game launch. There is nothing posted in the patch notes, ever about this issue, and it is not even reflected by Gearbox as a known issue. Tweets, reddit posts, emails, all go unanswered.

Refund requests are far too long expired to be given, credit card charges can no longer be contested (believe me, I tried).

Essentially, since about the second week of launch, when the omission of this issue being tracked began to be noticed by myself and other uses of this thread; it feels absolutely like absolutely no one from the developer cares one bit. This has never, one time been publicly, officially acknowledged by Gearbox as a known issue.

Microsoft states they are aware of it, but we need to work with the developer for a solution.

I am begging you, throw some sort of olive branch out that at the very least, lets us know that Gearbox is taking ownership of this issue and not leaving a group of the customers in the lurch.

Thank you for your time.


Having the same issues, just seems to happen in mulitplayer when playing with friends and joining their games and vice versa.

It doesn’t happened to my firend who play on One S and the original Xbox One consoles.

I’ve seen tons of posts on Reddit about this happening with One X consoles.

I have beathen the game by myself with Zero issues, but when I play online with my friends, whether they join me, or I join them, the game is always shutting my console off, with no warnings.

I have zero issues like this with any other game that I play. This is really making me not want to play this game any more.

Last night while playing online with my cousin, my console shut off 4 times in a row, each time within 5 minutes of rebooting and rejoining our game.

Possible work around?
I have been launching MTD from in game and it has worked for me so far w no issues. Many times when launching multiplayer from the menu screen is when I get the shutoff. Try loading game 1st and then search MTD from the pause menu in game. Hope it works for those reading this

Sadly a work around that won’t work for me. :frowning:
My game shuts off when I shoot enemies.

This isn’t going to be resolved. I absolutely love the Borderlands franchise but if I can’t play it I can’t support it. I literally can’t.

They have had my money and there is no microtransactions for me to purchase… so what’s the incentive for them to fix it?

I wish that wasn’t the case but I really does look that way huh?

Modern Warfare, Fallout 76 and State of Decay 2 all had a similar issue that was patched pretty quickly, this has been months and not even an acknowledgement of the issue.