BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

Possible work around?
I have been launching MTD from in game and it has worked for me so far w no issues. Many times when launching multiplayer from the menu screen is when I get the shutoff. Try loading game 1st and then search MTD from the pause menu in game. Hope it works for those reading this

Sadly a work around that won’t work for me. :frowning:
My game shuts off when I shoot enemies.

This isn’t going to be resolved. I absolutely love the Borderlands franchise but if I can’t play it I can’t support it. I literally can’t.

They have had my money and there is no microtransactions for me to purchase… so what’s the incentive for them to fix it?

I wish that wasn’t the case but I really does look that way huh?

Modern Warfare, Fallout 76 and State of Decay 2 all had a similar issue that was patched pretty quickly, this has been months and not even an acknowledgement of the issue.


With the lack of any response and the speed the wider audience is trashing the game and writing it off I’m not entirely sure this is going to get sorted at least any time soon, they have bigger problems than the small number of X owners.

Like I said before bl games are relegated to a complete on sale versions from now on.

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I am going to send the same ask to you, that I asked of @Noelle a couple of days ago.

We are being completely hung out to dry here in regards to the bug that causes X1Xs to shutdown.

Is this really the way Gearbox wishes to treat their paid customers?

Please make a statement on this thread, that lets those affected know you do give a crap about us, and not just our pre-order money.


I have an Xbox One (NOT S nor X) that was randomly shutting down with increasing frequency while playing BL3 ONLY. To recover from these abrupt power-downs I needed to unplug my power block from the wall/surge protector outlet before I could restart the Xbox. I ordered a replacement power block for around US $25 and have not experienced another unplanned shutdown since swapping out the old power block.

This will probably not solve this issue for all but it seems to have resolved my unplanned shutdowns in BL3.


Hi everyone,

This is what has worked for me. It is the following combination. Any differences from below results in a crash on XBoxOneX.

Matchmaking = from inside the game [not main menu]
Visual = Performance [not “resolution”]
Field of Vision = 75 [tried 100, crash, have not tried other intervals]

Hope this helps!

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I get numerous crashes, ranging from black screen to full-on Xbox shutdown. Which is really concerning as no other game I have played causes my Xbox to power-off like this. I’m worried about the long-term effect this is having on my system.

Today was especially frustrating as both my friend and I experienced numerous crashes trying to connect. I’ll try some of the suggestions here. Thank you @tim.kasprzak, that hint about match making from inside the game might be a clue that will work for me. I seem to get most of the crashes trying to join from the main menu. I’ll have to try some tests, but maybe joining once he’s in the game will work. That’s what I did when we were able to finally connect.

I tested the POV theory awhile back as I thought that could be the culprit. Sadly, I shutdown as soon as I shot Graveward with it set to 75.

At this point it could be linked to save files. I have no other ideas. Gearbox certainly don’t.

I should be clear - my workaround that I posted were for people who encountered the hard reboot when attempting to join online matches only. Not for freezes/shutdown during gameplay.

I just had another complete shutdown right as I killed Clap-Prime. This is so very frustrating. This time it appears that it was getting too hot, which is alarming. No other game causes this behavior.

I’ve been having the same issue for weeks. Can get to main menu, however trying to join a game the Xbox hard resets.

I submitted a ticket they told me to uninstall golden gun DLC to see if that works.

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here is what i was told by a gearsoft tech

Thanks for reaching out to 2K Support and I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing crashes.

We are aware of an issue where Borderlands 3 may be crashing on the Xbox One, which could explain the crashes you are experiencing.

Some players have had luck if they start the game under a different Xbox account, reach the main menu and then use RB to change accounts and log in with their main account.

There is a workaround to this issue that involves turning off notifications that works for many players, so please give it a shot. To turn off the notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Hit the menu key of the controller.
  2. Go to Settings > Preferences.
  3. Uncheck the following options:
  • Show Skype notifications
  • Show messaging notifications
  • Show party notifications
  • Show all other notifications

I also recommend changing the settings on your console to Performance Mode, that is known to potentially stop this issue.

Next, please try a cache clear.

Hopefully that helped! If not, we can next try a complete re-install of the game - don’t forget to backup your files! You can find the steps on re-installation listed here.

If after all of that, you’re still having the issue, please send me the following information and I’ll look into your issue further:

  • A description of what happened directly before the issue’s occurrence (if any):
  • Screenshots/videos of the issue:
  • If you received an overheat message, could you please provide a screenshot?
  • Gamertag:
  • SHiFT Support ID: This can be found "in-game" by pressing Pause > Social > head to the SHiFT tab > then click the “Left Stick in” if using a controller, or press “I” if you’re on PC
  • E-mail address associated with the SHiFT account:

I look forward to hearing back from you!

guess what it still didnt work…this game is broken and in no way going to be fixed might as well call this company bethesda!

I’ve had my support ticket with 2K closed as ‘Solved’ with the following comment:

"Since we have mentioned several times that we will not have an update for you, I will now be closing this ticket.

Thank you,"

It’s hasn’t been fixed or solved, the only info I was given was that a bug has been raised with the developer, but they couldn’t view the progress of it anymore.
I’m pretty sure a closure code of ‘ignored’ would have been more accurate.

2K Support cannot see GBX internal communications, any more than GBX developers can see 2K sales & marketing ones. They are separate companies. So the ticket response is not unreasonable in this case.

That may very well be the case, however I’d argue closing it as ‘Solved’ is not exactly going to endear them to the users who have raised these issues, are still experiencing them.

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Zendesk doesn’t provide a lot of options, unfortunately. I asked about this once before and was told that adding something more appropriate was actually harder than you’d think.

Did that do anything? That sounds like they might be trying to find a fix finally

Haven’t had a chance to play. Single dad, 2 kids, working 2 jobs. If I get a chance I can try to play tonight.

I tried making a video for support so they could see the issue, but after 7 mins matchmaking still hadn’t found anyone!

My machine only hard resets once I try to join someone’s game.

I have updated my Reddit thread on this as of today.

Still no fix, no dev response publicly, and no end in site for this problem.

I think most people have just moved on to other games and given up on this ever being addressed publicly or fixed. When I actually do play the game, it is ONLY solo. All the rinky dink “possible fixes” that are in ticket responses do nothing, and fix nothing. It;s just the same “We are aware of the issue”…that has been said for over four months now.

I also want to say: I fail to understand how they want screenshots and video of this issue, as they told me in my ticket. It’s not possible to do this if your console shuts off. The only way to get a video or screenshot is setting a camera up to record you playing and hope it happens. I find this request ridiculous. They clearly don’t understand what is happening.


Good lord they want a video or a screenshot, how about they search on Youtube there are countless videos on this issue.