BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

The reason I mentioned making video’s of it happening is because after ALL the explanation and reports on reddit and these forums I linked to 2K in my support ticket, they still ask for video of it happening.

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Just to add to the complaints. This is still a frequent occurrence for me and I put it down to a resource issue. Yesterday it happened whilst I was farming Scraptrap and just as I put that final shot in and the loot was dropping it went bang. No idea what I got other than an Xbox reboot.

Please just fix this issue. As others have said no other game I have played has ever done this. Not even in the height of summer heat and game at full blast has any of my Xboxes crashed like this./

I hope that if they do not solve the problem, they should return the cost of the game I have a deluxe version, there are ways to contact support directly

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I have a one X. Tried playing co op twice. Both times it’s crashed after playing for about an hour and a half. This was after the Feb 13th update. First time it seemed like we had disconnected from each other, although the game was non responsive. Second time the game closed itself.
Would be nice to hear some feedback from gearbox about possible fixes?

This happens to myself and 2 of my friends especially when we try to join each other’s games. Would love to see some word from the devs. I’ll also need an address so I know where to send the bill for when this game finally nukes my console.

It’s pathetic that gearbox is not giving this issue the attention required to have addressed it in any of the recent patches. I opened a ticket and provided them all the I fo they wanted. Since I have two Xbox One X consoles on my lab, I can readily reproduce this upon demand about 90 percent of the time on the first try. If gearbox cannot figure out and prevent whatever is bringing the box down, they should engage MSFT for support at the developer level.

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Create a ticket to 2K and show them video of this. Put a video of this up on Youtube man, we’ll spread it around to get attention.

Trying to skip the sun smasher cut scene turned off my Xbox one x two times in a row. Same exact spot on a cold freshly booted Xbox one x. Seems garbage that this can’t even get acknowledgement as an issue…

Edit: Third time at the same cut scene with the resolution set to 720p.

Another day. Another rejection ticket from Microsoft so I’m now turning towards Gearbox. I’ve tried to request a refund several times now. I get rejected because I have consumed the product. They don’t seem to understand nor care that the product is defective. Not fit for purpose. Ridiculous.

I’m one of the unlucky few who can’t enjoy this game due to constant crashing, “overheating issues” and so on.

I feel that I’ve been scammed.


Unfortunately, you have been scammed and I have endured the same exact fate with my attempts at seeking resolution since launch.

I monitored the patch notes and forum posts during the 30 day refund period effectively waiting too long to seek a refund for a defective product. I made a total of 4 refund requests, the last of which was escalated and I was asked to email support ticket email correspondence, forum links and provide a narrative of the problem since launch, and still was rejected and told to work with the developers.

The problem is, the developers will not acknowledge the problem. The forum moderators do, the tech support ticket system apparent does too, and yet no mention from a single development team member that accepts ownership for the jssue.

We have been royally scammed, you are absolutely correct.


I reached out to a few outlets to see if they can help cover this more extensively. Seems pretty pathetic that 5 months after release, still no idea if it will ever be fixed. I just want to play with my friends who don’t own an Xbox One X.


It is a troubling sign when the masses eventually start to give up on the only method of communication available on this topic.

The bug will never be addressed, that much is now evident.

The developers moved on the second the game came out, and slowly but surely the customers are becoming less and less active on here, reddit as well.

What an absolute slap in the face to the customers, and what a frustratingly successful campaign of absolute silence and indifference to the problem by Gearbox.

Congrats Gearbox, you broke us. I hope the short-term gains were worth it, as I believe you have lost a pretty good chunk of long term customers at the expense of short-term shafting.

Customers whom have encountered this problem, I beg of you to not forget about this error, and subsequently how you were treated when trying to correct it.

In the end, once you purchase the game, your leverage is lost. I do not ever intend to lose my leverage again with Gearbox.


Like others on here I am beyond disappointed in GBX lack of communication (other than the standard answer of “We’re looking into it”) regarding this and like yourself it is apparent that their willingness to even address it is even more pointless at this point as long as the “look at the monkey” (see DLC) keeps working. One of the big points they make about this game is to play with others but between this and the lack of a functional local co-op, really?

I have submitted the tickets and naturally asked the question that since it is their game that is causing my system to crash I would request a refund until they can fix it properly, nothing. I would even be happy if they just actually acknowledged it for that matter.

As trivial as it may seem at this point my next step will be filing a complaint with the BBB. I will promise you though this will be the last GBX/2K game I ever pre-order or purchase again which is sad considering that I very much enjoyed the other three Borderlands games very much.


I massively support your thoughts of filing BBB complaints. I have submitted mine, and below is the link for others to do the same.


I very much hope that a gaming news outlet covers this issue. I reached out to IGN in November and December but unfortunately never heard back from them.

I could see industry collusion preventing this from ever being a story.

Thanks for reaching out to them and I hope it bears fruit.


Here is a link to my Twitter comment i just posted if you guys want to comment on it might help or just by retweeting it.


I submitted my complaint with the BBB so will go from there. Whether or not anything comes from it is anybody’s guess.


Heads up the game hits steam in a few weeks and there are currently discussions up on steams boards if anyone here would like to share their experience they have had with the game or gbx in general.


I know a few people with the last one-x that have this same issue. As far as I know there isn’t a fix. I haven’t had this issue with my one-s. My game will crash occasionally but the console will stay on.

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I was fighting that prime scrap trap when my Xbox One X turned off.
It’s quite amazing how this is still a problem yet keep on selling this game.

" Your Xbox One console is designed to automatically shutdown to protect it from insufficient ventilation "

then states the usual do not block ventilation,near any heat source yada yada yada.
How did Microsoft certify this game?how did this pass their quality requirements?
I’m no longer putting this on Gearbox because they obviously are incompetent when I have two versions of the game (also PC) that are broken and poor products.

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